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Originally Posted by Ironica View Post
1) They've simulated crashes with babies in carseats and with babies in arms, but not with babies in every random carrier type on the market. They have NO IDEA what might happen, and while it might be better than in-arms, it also might be worse. It's a risk they can't take.

4) FAA regulations prohibit it; they MAY NOT allow you to use a carrier during takeoff/landing, or risk their licensure. So if you don't like it, you have to take it up with the FAA... the flight attendant is in no position to negotiate it.
I'm guessing #1 is the reason for the #4 rule. If they haven't simulated it, then they don't feel comfortable allowing it. Good to know that is the FAA regulation for takeoff & landing and not just an imaginary rule made up on the spot, no amount of arguing will do you any good that's for sure.

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From past experience - never argue with flight attendant's - It doesn't matter how irrational they are being - you'll simply never win.: Don't even get me started...they thing that makes me so mad is that the airlines allow children under 2 to ride in the lap...if it's really that unsafe then my question is why????? It seems to me that they are sending mixed messages all the time...I am being told something different every time I fly with my girls.

Nikki, married to Ryan my and blessed with totally amazing and unpredictable DD1 7-25-00 and DD2 1-12-08.
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Oh my, I've flow with dd 3 times in her first year of life (so that's actually 10 separate flights on 3 separate airlines) and always had her in the Ergo on my front and never heard one word about it. I felt safest with her attached to me, for example if we made an emergency landing I'd be much better able to get us both off the plane with both of my hands free than if I was trying to keep hold of a squirmy babe. But since those flights I've decided it's best for everyone to have a seat and plan all future flights to include a separate seat for her (even if she's still under 2) and her baby brother, due Nov. Though these flying rules are incredibly aggravating because I've had family members/friends be told a lot of different stuff about car seats, boosters, carriers, etc. The FA/airlines are REALLY inconsistent.

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probably not the most popular idea on here but i ALWAYS wear my babies in a ring sling and just kind of hide the ring so it looks like they;re under a blanket during TO, landing and most of the flight actually. i haven't read the other posts but i personally am of the opinion that i'm much more worried about random turbulence than crashing in terms of my child's safety.
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This just happened to me for the first time on our last flight. I'd been told no carriers during takeoff and landing before, but this was during flight. She didn't MAKE me take him out but she said something like, "I need to tell you that technically that's not allowed, but it's up to you." (I left him in.)

I have to say, I have been on planes with turbulence, and I think a baby would be much safer in a carrier--a big jolt could so easily make you open your arms/jump with surprise.

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the only time we've flown with lap babies was on our middle of the night flight home with marvel when she was a newborn. i had her in a pouch and nobody said anything. when we hit some turbulence they put on the seat belt sign and the fa asked me to put my bag under the seat. then she saw there was a baby in there and woke up the man in front of me and made us switch seats (peter and i were next to each other - both with lap babies) and i got a way too long lecture on how unsafe it was to have her in a pouch and to have two babies in one row (which they NEVER explained - i found out later that it is because they only have one extra oxygen mask per row).

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Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post
Adults are in lap belts only, which keeps them in the seat, but does not prevent their upper bodies from impacting the seat in front.
So people are smacking their faces against the seat in front of them on a regular basis? Because of turbulence?

Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post
The preventable danger is not from crashes, but from turbulence. There is not always enough warning to advise passengers to brace. A sling or wrap is not adequate protection against severe turbulence.
Really? A wrap, at least, holds a baby more securely than mama's arms and babies aren't thrown out of people's arms everytime there's turbulence.

And please don't link to the article about the woman who got injured by turbulence recently, she was walking around and that has nothing to do with what would happen to a firmly held infant.
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Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post
Also, if there is any warning of turbulence, parents are advised to put the baby under the seat in front of them: presumably, that could be done more quickly if baby is not in a sling/wrap (as I wrote above, I'm kind of skeptical about this).
As you should be, since that happened once on one flight in '89.
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Actually, they no longer tell you to put the baby on the floor. That is old protocol. Now they tell you how to hold them.

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I know. I already acknowledged that. Sorry.

And no, people are not injured due to turbulence "on a regular basis" -- just like some of us go our whole lives without being in a car crash but we still wear our seatbelts and restrain our kids.

It's not safe for kids not to be in their own seats on planes. Sometimes parents make that choice for their own reasons, and sometimes those reasons are pretty compelling, but that doesn't make it a safe choice.

Carseat-checking (CPST) and WAH mama to a twelve-year-old girl.
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Originally Posted by Fujiko View Post
I've only ever heard of not being able to babywear during takeoff and landing, but not actually during the flight. I was always told to keep my dd out of the wrap during TO/L, but when we were in the air the flight attendants didn't care.
Same here... but I think we only flew with him in arms the first trip, after that we used his car seat. I used the ring sling in flight, but had him out for takeoff and landing.

TO and Landing are the most frequent times for a crash, so I can see those cases.

But for in-flight turbulence, I would rather he be secured.

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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post
Is it any worse than holding a child in your lap with your arms though? I wouldn't think so, but I might be surprised

And even if you think the flight attendant is being ridiculous, no point in arguing if they get to the "Do it or get off the plane" point. Next time, I would try and clear it ahead of time with the airline and hopefully get something in writing you can bring with you onto the plane
Under FAA rules and regulations you can only used FAA approved child carriers and restraints on an airline. A sling or front carrier or backpack carrier are not FAA approved. It is also the reason you cannot use a plain booster seat. You also cannot use a convertible carseat without the internal straps on an airline, they are not FAA approved for such use.

So, technically, any airline that allows a child to be attached to a person is violating FAA rules and regulations. If you go to any of the airlines web pages and look through their rules for traveling with children you will see that they all state you can only use an FAA approved child restraint on the plane.
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I'm a former Flight Attendant. There are so many misconceptions in this thread I just had to respond. First of all, let me make this clear.

Please NEVER wear your baby for take off and landing. It's dangerous and could kill your child since your body weighs more than theirs.

So let's get that out of the way. Flying with a baby on your lap is unsafe. Strapped to you is even more unsafe. The ONLY way to fly safely is to bring a car seat and have your child strapped in. If you opt to save money and put your baby in your lap, you are chancing it that nothing will go wrong because air travel is safe and statistically, that's likely.

You don't need a mathmatical calculation to prove that an adult weighs more than a child. If the adult, in foward impact falls on the baby, that baby has almost no chance of survival. If they fly from your arms, at least they might land somewhere and survive. We cringed when they explained this in training but it's true. In the Sioux City crash, one little girl landing in the overhead bin and survived. If she had been tied to her parent, it's doubtful...


Please keep this in mind. Taking the attitude "We're all goners" might actually cause you to give up and not make the effort to get out of the aircraft. Yes, it's happened. You need to be proactive.

Yes, a baby carrier could be a hinderance during an evacution but the main reason it's unsafe is because of forward impact. Many foreign companies have dangerous "belly belts" which are still used because of political reasons. The European Union has tried to stop their use but it gets bogged down with compulsory car seat use and parents will never allow safe flying to be obligatory. They want to save money with babies on their laps. Germany has already banned belly belts and other contraptions on take-off and landing.

Some airlines require "lap babies" to be place on the floor in a prepared emergency landing. Not all. Turbulence, I've never heard of that! The big difference is that turbulence is not forward impact. Less force and a different movement. Not the same.

So if you decide to fly with your child on your lap, just remember to remove him or her for safety's sake. Please don't post that you "got away" with putting your child at risk this way. If you're concerned about safety, buy a seat and bring the car seat on board.

Please, no more threads beretaing airline employees for just doing their jobs and for enforcing rules to help the security of your unsecured children.
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Originally Posted by Eclipsepearl View Post
Please, no more threads beretaing airline employees for just doing their jobs and for enforcing rules to help the security of your unsecured children.

Agreed, and I support this.
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