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Family Safety > Is a booster seat legal for a two year old in NY?
IlluminatedAttic's Avatar IlluminatedAttic 03:33 AM 03-05-2010
I can't seem to load the state law pages linked in the resource thread. A friend just moved her son into a booster. She says he is 30 pounds but she must be weighing him soaking wet while fully clothed in a parka and snowpants. He will not turn 3 until August. My attempts at educating her on the safety issues fall on deaf ears but she would pay attention to the law. She says the salesperson at Toys R Us told her this is legal. Can anyone point me to and/or explain the law for New York? Thanks!

jckkeith's Avatar jckkeith 04:05 AM 03-05-2010
Check with your state's laws. Each state is a little different and that is why it is not posted on the car seat packaging.
Maadi's Avatar Maadi 04:59 AM 03-05-2010
I am from there and i have never heard that is illegal for two year old. May be some restriction on below 2.
DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 05:20 AM 03-05-2010
It sounds illegal here:

Also, a lot (not all) boosters require a minimum of 3/30, so depending on what seat she has she may be in violation of manufacturers recommendations, which is illegal.
chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 11:15 AM 03-05-2010

The text of the actual law seems to suggest that children need to be harnessed until 40 pounds, but it is not crystal-clear.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 05:59 PM 03-05-2010
Just to clarify, when you say booster, are you referring to a belt positioning booster seat, or a combination booster seat, which has a harness in it?