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Laurie73's Avatar Laurie73 03:37 PM 03-24-2010
I just noticed today a tag in my DS" jeans that says "Remove Before washing or Wearing"....umm..yea...they have been washed and worn a TON since I bought them in the fall. Crap. So, I foudn out they are RFID tags (Radio frequency tags) that act as security devices. Could him wearing this cause any harm to him? Is there any radioactivity going on???? I'm all sort of freaked out about that now.

sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 04:40 PM 03-24-2010
RFID is passive. No EMF issues even when it's implanted. Worst case would be his butt sets off alarms when you go into a store.

Um, and radioactivity requires a radioactive substance. If they aren't even going to power the RFID tags, they certainly aren't going to spend the money on uranium and plutonium, y'know?
Laurie73's Avatar Laurie73 04:59 PM 03-24-2010
LOL..got it!! Thank you for the info! I had never paid attention to that before and once I started to read about it, it was unnerving. Big brother, right? Is this what they implant into dogs?

Guess I shouldn't worry that my DS was playing with the tag after I cut it off (and before I noticed)....It waas coming apart and he was having fun with the silver part...(it's a sticker, he said) the silver part is sticky, but I guess just to adhere to the fabric overlay.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 07:52 PM 03-24-2010
Yep, RFID is implanted in dogs (although as little pellets not as stickers)

The RFID stickers can be found on tons of stuff. Like library books, boxes for small expensive things. All over.

My guess is that they have a note not to wash it with the tag on because the stickiness can get on your clothes and bits of the paper coating could make your clothes linty--like a regular sticker.