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Meems's Avatar Meems 06:13 PM 03-26-2010
That is the question!

I'm not sure whether to spend the extra $50-$80 for the frontier 85!

Any owners? Can you tell me why to go for one or the other? Is the install better on the 85?

Meems's Avatar Meems 06:17 PM 03-26-2010
I was also just checking out the Recaro Young Sport? Any thoughts??
DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 06:21 PM 03-26-2010
The 85 has a harness height either 1 1/2 or 2 inches taller. So really it's if you need the extra harness growth. I don't know on the install, I'd go search at I wouldn't do the young sport. I've heard the shoulder space is narrow and it gets uncomfortable for kids as they grow.
Meems's Avatar Meems 11:20 PM 03-26-2010
Great, thank you. I think DD may need the taller strap height as she is 3 and in the 98th% for height. She's easily as tall or taller than the majority of the 4 year olds in our playgroup :0
chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 11:36 PM 03-26-2010
Yes, if you think you need the strap height, it might be worth the money.

(I have an 8yo who would still fit in the original Frontier. If I were to buy a harnessed seat, I would not be spending the extra money!)
MamieCole's Avatar MamieCole 11:29 PM 03-27-2010
I just ordered the 85 for DS1. The cup holders alone are worth the extra $$ as far as he is concerned.