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kellid's Avatar kellid 12:53 PM 06-08-2010
i have a honda odyssey van
latch in 2nd row 2 bucket seats
no latch in 3rd row bench seat

3 kids - 6yo, 4yo, 18 mos

i usually drive with the 18mo rf behind me, because i'm 5'2", but my dh can't drive this way. my mom and dad, me and my 3 kids are going to take a huge road trip soon. as i will need there help trading off driving, i need help with the arrangement. does anyone have ideas for me?


an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 04:11 PM 06-08-2010
How tall is your hubby? Unless he's 6'5" and all legs, he should be able to be comfortable with the car seat behind him. You can have the seat quite upright for an 18 month old, between 30* and 45*.

Anyway, for the trip, would they all get along if they were in the same row, or would they fight? And what seats are they in?
blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 01:14 PM 06-09-2010
well, its no doubt the 6 and 4yo's who can most easily get into the third row. is your 6yo in a booster? that child can buckle him/herself. if the 4yo is harnessed, can he/she do the buckle, or can the older one help the younger? that takes care of the 3rd row...

can you put your 18mo behind the passenger seat, at an upright angle to allow for the most leg room for the front seat? that would give the 3 adults the 3 seats easiest to access.

i'm going on a road trip up and down the east coast next week. its me, my 2 sisters (one is 20 wks pg), and 4 kids, ages 15, 8, almost 9, and almost 4. i have a honda pilot and we had to really think to make sure everyone was in the right seat...the two boys fight, one of my nieces doesnt like one of her cousins, two of the cousins HAVE to sit together, and its not nice to ask the pg one to sit in the 3rd row. we finally got it worked out, but i so feel your pain!