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floiejo2's Avatar floiejo2 05:20 PM 07-13-2010
My dd2 is about to outgrow her current carseat. We really like the nautilus which is what we have dd1 in. But at almost 6 yrs old and and a very thin 41lbs, 46in the bottom latch is getting too tight against her private area. So I guess this is a 2 question post. Is she big enough to sit with the lap belt in the highback booster position safely? I'd like to keep in the 5 point harness for as absolute long as possible. She's so thin and when we let her do the seat belt it just doesn't look like it'd hold her in to me.

My other question is what would you recommend for dd2, who is almost 3, 34lbs, and 37in. She is not thin like her sister and I'm afraid would outgrow the bottom part of the nautilus too soon. I know she should still be rearfacing but we did turn her forward facing at 2.5 after severe motion sickness and throwing up every single time we got in the car.

Thank you all of you brilliant smart mommas who keep up with all of this!!

ETA: I forgot to mention that our budget is around the $100 range, maybe a little more.

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 06:22 PM 07-13-2010
You oldest, provided she can sit properly, should be fine in a booster. Most 6yos are mature enough to know they must sit properly in the belt and to do it.

It is ok for the crotch strap to be a bit under them in the nautilus (what a graco rep clarified on the phone to a member).

For a ffing harnessed seat for your 3yo, either pass down the 6yos seat, or in your price range I'd look at the evenflo maestro. It runs around $75. She'll need a dedicated booster later, but those are cheap.
NaturallyKait's Avatar NaturallyKait 11:18 PM 07-13-2010
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Is she big enough to sit with the lap belt in the highback booster position safely?
If she is mature enough to sit properly the whole ride she's ok in the highback booster, but I assume you meant a lap and shoulder belt? Lap belts only aren't safe for anyone.
floiejo2's Avatar floiejo2 03:01 AM 07-14-2010
Thank you for your replies! I wouldn't mind if the crotch strap is a little under her but it drives her nuts. We were hoping to just buy another nautilus for the 3yr old so we wouldn't ever have to get another carseat. But I know if it's too short for my skinny 6yo then it's most likely going to be too short too soon for my not as skinny 3 yo. Anyone else have that issue with the nautilus? Or are they all about the same? Are there any 3 in 1 type of seats that are adjustable in the crotch strap?

Oh and thanks for the info on the lap/seat belt. She is old enough to know how to sit properly but we live an hour and a half from the city and she really has a hard time sitting still for very long in the car. I just don't know if I quite feel safe having her not harnessed.