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mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 09:17 PM 07-18-2010
We are looking to downsize to a small suv. Currently we are in a minivan. I have a RF 9 month old whose seat needs to be replaced the end of this year. My 3.5 yo son is FF in either a nautilus or a cosco booster/carseat (using the harness). I prefer him in the nautilus because he still sleeps in the car sometimes and the cosco doesn't give him a head rest. My 6 yo is in a graco turbo booster.

So, who do you have where in this kind of scenario?

I hate having my older dd in a booster, but am not sure I can convince her to go back harnessing, and I'm not sure it's safer. I seem to remember seeing something about how harnessing past a certain point is actually less safe. It's so hard to reach the buckle in a booster with 2 carseats.

Suggestions for cars/seats, anything?

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 09:50 PM 07-18-2010
There is no proof that harnessing or boostering is safer for older children who can sit properly in a booster. The Swedes actually believe that it is less safe to have children harnessed ffing due to the load on the neck.

Since you're just looking for an SUV, I would take your seats to the dealers and try them out. IMO, I think you're probably going to need 1-2 radians to make this work. The nautilus doesn't tend to puzzle nicely with other seats.
mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 10:02 PM 07-18-2010
No, the nautilus is a great seat for a bucket seat captains chair type thing. But I hate trying to put it next to something. I think I'll end up trying a rf radian and a ff radian. We need the new seats anyway, and the car downsize is going to save us money.
an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 11:40 PM 07-18-2010
I just downsized from a minivan to a small SUV with three kids. I have a BMW X5 and the backseat is TINY--it's pretty small to begin with, and then they added these bolsters to the side, which take off a good 4" at each side. We bought new seats for the 3-across (Radian, Complete Air, and Coccoro).
scbegonias's Avatar scbegonias 02:51 PM 07-21-2010
we have a 2000 crv with frontier, rf radian, nautilus/sometimes turbobooster. i'd suggest at least one radian. good luck!
dillonandmarasmom's Avatar dillonandmarasmom 03:03 PM 07-21-2010
I guess my set-up doesn't qualify as real help, but we have an older Escape with a booster and a TruFit (rear facing). My third is 4'9" and almost 70 pounds, so he recently came out of his booster. When he was in it, we had two boosters and a Britax Dec. Not easy, but workable.

I am actually moving in the opposite direction and buying an Odyssey, but my kids are just tall and the SUV no longer works for any of us.
chely7425's Avatar chely7425 05:14 PM 07-21-2010
We have 3 across in a Jeep Liberty, RF Scenera/Snugride 35/FF Complete Air