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Destinye's Avatar Destinye 11:51 PM 07-22-2010
DD is still in her Britax Marathon but I guess it is time for a booster? Any affordable recommendations that will last a while. I just have honestly felt safer with the Marathon than the cheap booster seat we got on vacation, she is tall and skinny the Marathon has worked but she maybe too tall for it now. Any ideas? I do see lots of threads but a little overwhelmed right now. I have a new chevy HHR.

chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 12:16 AM 07-23-2010
Most 47" children have outgrown Marathons by height: if her shoulders are above the top strap slots or her ears are above the shell, she has outgrown the seat and it should not be used again.

I don't know what you consider "affordable". The Graco Turbobooster and Recaro ProBooster (or Vivo, if you can find one) are boosters that would probably fit her well.
Smithie's Avatar Smithie 07:34 PM 07-25-2010
I love my Turboboosters. I have owned more expensive boosters, but the Turbobooster is still my favorite.
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 12:52 AM 07-26-2010
We really like the Recaro Vivo it fits my skinny 9 year old wonderfully.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 12:17 AM 07-27-2010
I am flabbergasted that your child fits in a marathion still. PLease check like Chickabiddy said, almost no 47 inch children will fit into it by height, your child would have to have an insanely short torso for that to be true.
Graco Turbobooster, Recaro Probooster, Recaro Vivo are all good choices as has been said.
inky leeuhhh's Avatar inky leeuhhh 12:38 AM 07-27-2010
wow, yeah im guessing your kiddo has already outgrown the seat? my 6 yo dd has been out of her marathon for years, and she is not too big. we have a britax parkway, but i don't think they're available anymore (well, i'm sure they aren't lol). i have heard good things about the turbobooster.
Destinye's Avatar Destinye 04:28 AM 07-27-2010
I did check and her ears were just at the top of the seat, she does have long legs and is tall and skinny! The shoulder straps were a little below now tho, she had a growth spurt and it was fine until just recently.

But we got a Graco Turbobooster on Friday which seems to be working great. Thanks, I did not realize I had any replies as normally I get an email notification! Anyhow I am just nervous with the booster but it was time!
Destinye's Avatar Destinye 04:32 AM 07-27-2010
We did try a few different seats in the store and this one fitted her best because of her body shape (tall and skinny - unlike Mom lol) definitely seemed better than the boosters with no back though.
DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 04:39 AM 07-27-2010
The turbo is a great booster. Glad you found one that fit your dd well.