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I turned my 18 mo FF because he and his (then 3 yo) sister kept kicking each other and I couldn't rf both of them because the seat wouldn't fit in my car. The kicking and fighting was really distracting to me driving, so i figured it was probably the safer option rather than the higher chance of an accident. When we moved to a new car where both could RF I turned them both around, though now they don't fight quite so much, anyway.

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My DS is 2 and RFing in a Radian XTSL. He's a pretty big kid (about 33 lbs and 36"?) so I'm just going to keep him RFing as long as the seat will hold him. I'd really like for him to make it to at LEAST 3 in it.

I think that I would continue to buy new seats to keep him RFing until about age 4.5 if they were to come out with higher RFing limit seats. If the next seat we buy has high enough limits, I think it would be great to have him RFing till 5 or 6 but the fact is that seats in the US just aren't really made for it.
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My bare minimum is 3 years old, even for short trips in a secondary vehicle. 4 years for main vehicle.

At 4 I am comfortable with their input as well... although I will say that my oldest turned four last Monday and he totally doesn't care rearfacing or forward facing, he never even seems to really notice when it's different

There is no max age I wouldn't rearface anymore. If they are happy in the seat (again, only after 4 is this a consideration for me... before that safety trumps wants too much to be negotiated) and still within limits they can be rearfacing.

I'd buy a new seat to rearface a child who outgrew their other seat if they were under 3.5.

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this will very much depend on how many kids and what kind of car i'm dealing with in a couple years. we're in canada, so the kinds of seats available are somewhat limited (and way more expensive). currently, i'm dealing with a pretty tiny 6 mo old who will likely be well over 3 before she hits the weight limits, but depending on her growth pattern, may hit the height limits before 2 of her current seat. past 3, i think the limitations of our current car and whether or not i'm trying to fit multiple car seats into it (it's a ridiculously small back seat) might convince me to ff at that point. 3-4 yrs old is my goal though.
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My goal was to max out the weight limit of the seat (35lbs) but unfortuantely both seats I have that go that high to RF do not work in our vehicle we have now.
So DS2 is now FF'ing at 28lbs and 28 months.
It's not ideal, but I cannot budget for 3 new seats (the other two NEED new seats again).

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3 is my absolute bare minimum. 4 Im more comfortable with and would do everything I could to get seats to accommodate to at least age 4.

DD is 4.5 and still RF and Im just starting to get comfortable with the idea of her regularly FF...
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I wouldn't FF (now, that is--I turned my oldest too early because I didn't know better) before 3.

My middle child is nearly 4 and desperately wants to FF. I'm considering turning her when she turns 4, despite the fact that she could RF for at least another year in her Radian XTSL (45 pound limit; she's about 35 pounds). I haven't decided for sure.
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We turned all our kids FF by around 15 months. Never before 12 months, but I can't remember exactly how long after that. And for future kids, I feel okay with doing it the same way. I understand all the safety issues to be concerned about, but couldn't imagine my now 3 year old still RF.

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I don't mind turning a child over 2 FFing for a once in awhile thing in certain situations. I have let DD ride FFing in the past because she was sick and we were going to be late to the doctor (who won't see you if you're late) and because she was vomiting horribly and I needed to be able to see her and guide my DH at the same time.

Other than that, it's to the limit of the seat. We're in the market for a Radian (hoping to trade our new in the box complete air for it!!) and that should keep her RFing to at least 4 or 5. She's 30lbs and 2y8m old.

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I turned my two oldest at about 15 months (and 18ish pounds). I figured it was okay because they were over a year, just little peanuts. They are 9 and 7 now. My 17 month old is still rear facing and will be until at least 3 because that is the only way we can fit all three of them in the back seat: 7 year old harnessed in Generations 65 (will not use as belt-positioner--he's autistic, so harness is safer as he tries to get out of regular seat belts. When he outgrows, I will have a harness-type seat belt installed in the car. I actually bought a new seat so he can be harnessed past 40 pounds); 9 year old in seat belt; 17 month old rear-faced in a Scenera.
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My youngest RF until he was almost three, when my old car started dying (a slow death) the A/C did not function well and RFing he was getting no air really. SO given that we were in Arizona at the time I turned him. If Britax's newest seat had come out last year I would of switched him back RF because he only JUST hit 40 lbs (at 4.5 years)

My oldest is turning 8 in a couple weeks and he was harnessed until last week he out grew his Britax frontier height wise. He still uses a booster though.

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My older 4 were turned forward facing at 12 months, 15 months, 18 months and 18 months.

With my youngest, our current goal is to rear-face until at least age 2. If his growth rate is anything like his sibs, he'd outgrow pretty much any seat rear facing by height long before he hits the max weight on it.
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We turned each of our girls shortly before they turned three. I wasn't thrilled about it, but it was the minimum that I was comfortable with.

With each girl the switch to forward facing was due to space issues in our car. I'm committed to extended rear-facing, but not to the point of selling a small highly efficient car and buying an SUV or a minivan.

When we hit four kids we just went car free.

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First baby, so take it with a grain of salt, but my plan is to RF until there's a reason not to. DD (19 mos) is smallish and won't be outgrowing her seats (TrueFit and Blvd) any time soon.

Reasons that I could see turning her before 3 or so would include outgrowing the seat, seating arrangements re. other children (fat chance!), or if she starts getting horribly motion sick like I do. Fortunately, none of that has come up yet.

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not about the age it's about the size... have they outgrown the possible RF and is it completely impossible to get a higher weight seat.. then I would turn but not until then

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