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Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 08:31 PM 10-24-2010
We just got a true fit car seat- ordered it on line. We took it out of the box today and tried to figure out how ds will fit in it, before even beginning the installation into the car. And both dh and I ended up very confused! If anyone can help me figure this out I would appreciate it.
Our son is 7 months, 27 inches tall, and weights about 15 pounds.
the car seat we got is this one:

The part I am most confused about is how the baby fits into the seat and where his head rests.
So the seat has a height insert (which looks really cozy_ but I think ds is too tall for that. With the upper head rest removed, if he is in it w- the cushiony thing then he is too tall for the seat. So dh thinks we should take out the height insert. So we did that and put ds in it. (just in the living rm- it is not in the car yet.) His head went about an inch below the top- so that is good- but not too much more. ( so then would we add the top head rest for him? his head isn't tall enough for that yet)
So then the head rest is out. This is what I don't get! With the head rest out his head would rest against an area with lots of gaps and minimal cushioning- so that can't be right! But then to attach the head rest, there is only attachments (velcro) so that it goes around the shoulder straps- but the head rest itself does not secure very firmly in there. It seems like it would move every time ds moved his head.
Also, we didn't have it in any recline (w didn't get far enough with it yet to figure that out) but when we sat ds in it, it seemed that his body was leaning forward or at least straight, not reclined into the cushion of the seat as I would think would be safest.
So anyone who knows this seat well please help me figure this out!
Does the head rest really attach so flimsy? ( I don't mean the tall upper head rest but I mean the head cushion where the head may rest without the tall thing)
I don't know if this is the right seat for me only because it is making me feel kind of frustrated and it doesn't feel safe in the head area at all!
Please tell me there is something I just haven't figured out yet- shouldn't the baby's head be cushioned on both sides by the head rest and definitely cushioned in the back?
The manual wasn't clear on this. My baby is still so little- this didn't feel very safe looking to me as I saw it but I really want it to work so advise me please! I may not be explaining it all correctly as I Am confused myself.

BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 08:40 PM 10-24-2010
When you said headrest do you mean the top, removable headrest that clicks into place via two steel bars or the head prop that comes with the seat for small infants to prevent head slump with the infant insert?
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 08:52 PM 10-24-2010
head prop that comes with the insert. Because I think my baby is too small for the big head rest that clicks into the thing with metal bars-I think he is? But without the head prop, his head would rest just against the back of the seat- which is full of- holes basically, slats or whatever to adjust the height of the shoulder straps- and it makes me feel kind of- discouraged but more (lol) to think that they would design a seat for the baby's head to just rest against basically the plastic frame with a little fabric in between but no real cushioning?
I am so angsty about this right now because we were finally gonna install it and now it is just confusing!
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 08:55 PM 10-24-2010
if this is actually the design, do you guys know what I mean regarding where his head would rest when he is too little for the top click in head rest and too big for the infant insert thing- if this is the design then I am returning it for sure! It makes no sense- obviously having the baby's head safely supported is crucial- I am confused! Maybe I should go back to the idea of a britax?
I did get this at diapers.com so I can do free return-
I do like the soft fabric of it, and I think it is pretty. But the head thing- ???
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 09:03 PM 10-24-2010
Okay so this is my first time with a convertible car seat so forgive all the basic questions and confusion! I just looked at some photos online of britax's and I guess even with those the head of the baby rests against the slots where the shoulder strap adjusts?
KempsMama's Avatar KempsMama 09:24 PM 10-24-2010
I think you may be expecting cushioning similar to an infant bucket's insert-those aren't for safety in a crash, they are to help position a newborn's head before they have head control. Your LO presumably has good solid head control, and doesn't need the cushion to support his head.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 09:31 PM 10-24-2010
thanks for the reply. I calmed down a little and have figured out what I find so annoying- if his head is supposed to go just against the back of the seat with no cushioning, there are significant gaps there (for where the straps get adjusted). SO it seems like each time we would go over a bump or something that he might bump his head on the plastic part that is almost poking out through the seat- I am exaggerating but it seems awfully gappy for a baby's head. Does anyone know what I mean or are all convertible car seats this way?
StoriesInTheSoil's Avatar StoriesInTheSoil 12:08 AM 10-25-2010
Leave the little head prop thing velcroed on. We have had a True Fit since DS was 4 months old and we've never had a problem with it moving too much or anything.
leighi123's Avatar leighi123 12:21 AM 10-25-2010
Use the head insert, the one with the raised bits on either side. Dont use the pillow looking head thing, that will push his head too far forward.

There is more padding on the TF than a lot of infant seats, and while the holes for the harness adjustment look big, no plastic is going to go through them and poke his head! Its a super comfy seat. My ds rode in it from 8months until he was almost 2.5 and never complained of any discomfort. He was only on the second slots at 2.5 b/c he is super tiny, so his head was on the 'holes', but he never said anything about it (and he was/is very verbal and certainly complains if he is uncomfortable!)

The infant insert (the big one that goes under the bum too) can be used until he is 22lbs. You dont HAVE to use any of the inserts/padding unless his shoulders are below the bottom slot.

When your little one is 22lbs OR his head is at the red line on the top of the seat, the big headrest must be added.
bella99's Avatar bella99 01:28 AM 10-25-2010
Take out the infant insert and make sure to keep the little head insert with the two pillow looking things on either side. Yes, the seat doesn't look as comfortable without the infant insert, but it is still plenty comfortable. In fact, keeping that in there when your son doesn't need it, will make the seat uncomfortable for him anyway.

Your son's head isn't going to be hitting any plastic because of where his head rests in relation to where the straps come through. It would be the same on almost all other convertibles anyway. And if you're uncomfortable with how high his head comes up, then just add the head rest to the top. Just because his head doesn't come within an inch doesn't mean you can't have it there. It will just make the shell taller.

And the seat can be installed at a 35 degree angle if your son has sufficient head and neck control.

I have a True Fit, and while yes, I was confused about using the infant insert at first (my daughter was 9.5 months when we started using it), the seat is very comfortable, and really is very easy to use.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 01:39 AM 10-25-2010
okay- so I am still sort of confused- I think because there are two head rests to discuss.
I think he is too small for the big one that attaches. But I think you guys are saying to use the other little one, is this right? I really want to use that one so that his head isn't back on gaps. the only problem with it is that it velcros onto the straps but it doesn't stay up. I guess if his head was on it it would, but is it really designed to flop over when attached or am I doing somehting wrong? Or is it designed for the baby to be right onto the back with the gaps and no pillow? sorry to go over this again but when I actually try it it feels weird.

So do you guys mean I should take out the height insert thing, but then put back in the little pillow thing?
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 01:42 AM 10-25-2010
to add to my confusion- I just now looked at the removeable upper part! Dh had put it in the closet before I had looked at it as we figured we don't need it yet. So there is a pillow thing that attaches on to that. So that is the thing I am not supposed to use? Why isn't it more clearly pictured in the manual? thanks for any more clarification!
added- so that removeable pillow thing on the upper head rest looks cozy and fits right in the head area. So maybe that is supposed to go there?
TheGirls's Avatar TheGirls 09:05 AM 10-25-2010
The head support thing will not flop around if it is installed RF at a 45 degree angle in a vehicle. Remember that it won't be upright in there. And yes, baby's head can be on the upper strap slots if that's how tall he is. My DD never had a problem with it and she started riding in her TF at 5 months old. At 15 lbs you can put whichever inserts in you want to, but you probably don't need any of them.
Friday13th's Avatar Friday13th 10:28 AM 10-25-2010
DS has ridden with none of the padding or headrests in since we got the seat when they came out and it's totally comfortable. If you want to use the headrest (the flat thing with side pillows that goes on the straps) put it on and you'll find after your baby has ridden with it a few times it doesn't flop forward when you take him out. It goes behind his head. And DS1 is almost three and still not tall enough to be using the pillow that's attached to the removable headrest, he's got tons of room left in seat.
leighi123's Avatar leighi123 04:00 PM 10-25-2010
If you look at the pics here:


The pillow thing thats a roundish shape and padded all over is for older kids, when the big headrest is in use. (in the pic its shown attached to the upper headrest piece)

The one with the 2 raised sides (in the pic, its the one at the top of the harness straps, with the 2 raised bits on the sides being the lighter colored fabric)

The second is the one you want to use. Attach it with the velcro, and stick your ds in the seat. If he is strapped in correctly (i.e. the straps are tight, pass the 'pinch test'), then it will stay behind his head. It doesnt glue down to the seat or anything, his head holds it in place. The velcro just keeps it in the right area.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 06:20 PM 10-25-2010
thanks! car seats are very confusing!
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 06:48 PM 10-26-2010
So we tried out the true fit today for the first time- installed in the car with the baby and went for a ride. DH sat in the back with the baby and I drove. We are first time parents so this is all new to us. Before this we had only used the infant seat. So we were surprised to discover that the baby's head flopped all around in this seat! He is only seven months old. DH was observing him and said if he leaned his head all the way back it was mildly supported by the flimsy head cushion, but if he moved at all his head totally flopped to the side! IS this standard for car seats?

So now I have more questions:
1. Is there some kind of head support insert I can buy to attach to the seat and- added in- I googled it and saw these : http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...t_adv_XSG10001 are these things safe? They look like what we might need, maybe this in the car seat will make it good for now
2. are there car seats (besides the infant ones) that offer more head support for the baby? And if so, which ones?
Thanks! thanks for helping me make sense of this- it seems much more confusing than I thin kit ought to for something so essential and frequently used! I don't think my ds has particularly weak head control for his age- he is just little and young and I did not at all feel safe with his head totally unsupported.

Also- when we visit my parents they have en Evenflo (for other grandkids too) in their car and I don't remember ds's head flopping in that- so maybe that is the right one. At this point I am thinking of getting a ocuple more from diapers.com since they have free shipping on returns- I think I may try an Evenflo and a britax. though I don't know which britax
chel's Avatar chel 07:14 PM 10-26-2010
i never had much issue with my dd's head flopping around while awake, though i often prop it on the side when she is asleep. i have the seat at enough of an angle so her head doesn't flop forward.

one thing with infant headrest, is that by 7m your child's head might be too large.
stephbrownthinks's Avatar stephbrownthinks 07:42 PM 10-26-2010
I think you might benefit by having a licensed car seat tech take a look at your install. Or post a few pics here? We have 2 truefits and my DS's head never flops (he's 6 months). We've used them since birth and never had a problem. Is the chest strap up by his armpits? That should help hold him in place...
SubliminalDarkness's Avatar SubliminalDarkness 08:29 PM 10-26-2010
I think I understand what you're getting at.... And please don't take this as harsh, but, I think you're overly concerned about your child's sensitivity and comfort. A little bump and your baby's head bumping the slots is not going to hurt. Additionally, if your child is strapped in as tight as she should be, her head won't be able to bounce much even on bumps.

And no, it's not ok to use after market products.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 09:30 PM 10-26-2010
Do you have it installed at the proper angle? We've used the TF since birth and never had a problem with his head 'flopping' around.

If its installed at the correct angle and his straps are done properly, you shouldnt be getting a whole lot of movement, assuming he has head control. I always kept the little pad that velcros to the straps in, just for my own comfort.

Even at the more upright angle, my guy has to work to pull his head off the back of the carseat when he's strapped in. His head naturally rests against the back.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 09:39 PM 10-26-2010
I think we need to have some one who really knows what they are doing to install it. Dh did the best he could but maybe it wasn;t at a 45 degree angle. And this wasn't a case of over sensitivity, the head was not supported at all! I think perhaps we do have the wrong angle. We were going to stop by either the fire station or the hospital where he was born when we were out today to try to make sure it was properly installed. The only reason that we didn't, ironically, was because we thought that the car seat was not the right one for us because of the head thing and we wanted to find the right car seat and then do that. Do all fire station people know how? How do I find someone to expertly install it- I would absolutely like to do that!
Dh says he is pretty sure there are only 2 positions in which to install it and that he is pretty sure it was tipped back- but to me it didn't look 45 degrees. I am going to try to take a picture right now and show you guys- be back soon.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 09:50 PM 10-26-2010
Okay- so I have to admit I am a little scared to post pictures here! this forum can get a little intense sometimes and I am still in the learning process of this! I am scared that if I post pictures and it turns out it is improperly installed then you guys will criticize me and I will feel irresponsible and embarrassed. Because we didn't do the latch thing- we just strapped it in with the seat belt- is that okay? I feel silly for not knowing this and there isn't anyone IRL around near by that I can ask which is why I am figuring it out here- but seriously we are doing the best we can with figuring it out and trying to be safe. And ds was in the infant seat up until today- so if this is wrongly installed then it was only one ride and dh was in the back with him! So there is my disclaimer- so if I do post the pics and it is improperly installed, please be kind as I am sensitive about it!
When I look at the pictures it doesn't look that safe- so I don't know!
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 10:02 PM 10-26-2010
so I just looked at a whole bunch of pictures of babies in installed true fits! (Isn't the internet great?!) and I think the problem may be that we didn't have the chest clip and shoulder straps in the right place! We had them lower than in the pictures.
an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 10:34 PM 10-26-2010
For a baby, the straps need to be below the shoulder, and the chest clip at the armpit level. Here's a pic of my little guy in his True Fit at about 2 weeks old.
an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 10:35 PM 10-26-2010
Ah, I see your child is much older. The side head floppage is normal, and not harmful at all.

Even my 2yo's head flopped to the side when she slept.

Please post pictures; I promise nobody will berate you
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 11:15 PM 10-26-2010
here is a picture
I don't have one of ds in it.

I am hoping that when we move the shoulder straps and chest strap up higher that his head is more supported. I think we had the chest straps down on his belly and the shoulder straps at his chest. So is that what made his head and neck not be supported? Dh saw it a lot more than I did as he was in back, but he said that whenever ds would kind of lean his head forward and lean to the side, that his head would go all the way over to the edge of the seat. That is a lot of head snapping and neck stretching for a baby- not something I want for him to have to handle.
~Amy~'s Avatar ~Amy~ 11:38 PM 10-26-2010
Installation looks great You don't need a 45 degree angle for a child who can hold their head up. Please do post a picture of your child in the seat so we can see that he's in properly. We'll be gentle
an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 11:46 PM 10-26-2010
At seven months, assuming he is neurotypical, he does not need a 45* angle, and his head flopping to the side is not a safety concern. Are both parts of the belt in the red lockoffs?
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 11:53 PM 10-26-2010
thanks. so is this a 45 degree angle that we have here?

the head flopping may be technically safe but it isn't comfortable! Do you think this may have been because we had the chest strap in the wrong place?
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