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somelady's Avatar somelady 02:08 PM 12-31-2010

So in March DS (2) and I will be tagging along on my dh's business trip to Australia.  I don't want to lug one of our true fit's around the airport, so am thinking we will buy another seat and then give it to my IL's for when they babysit.  


So today we went to Target and I sat him in a Scenara, and he's too tall to RF in it, and if he's gonna FF I figure get something that we'll get a little more use out of.  From what they had there I was looking at the Evenflo Maestro.  But figured I was missing something.


DS will be 2.25, probably 30lbs or so at the time of the trip.  He was 34" at his 2yo appointment, I would say he's tallish, skinny, and his height is mostly torso. For the seat I'm mostly concerned that it fit in an airplane seat pretty easily,  be reasonably easy to install (dunno what we'll be getting in a rental) and not too heavy (we'll probably be meeting dh there and I am a serious weakling).  Price is an object but we're not on too serious a budget.

chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 02:09 PM 12-31-2010

Very few 34" children are too tall to RF in a Scenera, but if he is, then the Maestro would work fine.

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 03:07 PM 12-31-2010

If you want to keep him rfing and can spend a bit more, the complete air is very light and easy to travel with and will last a long time.