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No...not your business 9 36.00%
Yes...she is, technically breaking the "law" 7 28.00%
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2lilsweetfoxes's Avatar 2lilsweetfoxes 12:39 AM 04-03-2011

that a subordinate in your workplace had her 8 month old already forward  facing....and you've already spoken to her about it, and she said, "well, she is slightly reclined and is comfortable and fine..."  WWYD?   She is not my "soldier"---I'm not her direct boss?  Should I bring it up with our first sergeant or commander?   I'm willing to do a safety day class regarding passenger safety, to include minors.  Technically, I can order her to switch her baby to rear facing, but I'd rather her do so willingly.  And have a CPST look at the car seat situation.  Knowing what I know, if anything happened to her child, I'm not sure i could live with myself.  I keep telling myself that ABC is X's child, and not my business, but y'know how I feel.





womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 07:03 AM 04-03-2011

I'm not military, but it seems to me that if she's violating your state's laws (which she is assumedly doing), you'd have every right and responsibility to order her to comply.  Maybe if you frame it that way, it might be easier?  I think a safety day class would be a great idea in general, though.


babymommy2's Avatar babymommy2 09:01 AM 04-03-2011

I guess it is different in that you can force the issue because of the military. If she disobeys and puts the child in the car seat wrong, then what would happen? In a typical work place situation if you suggested something non work related and the person clearly knows and choses something else, since it is non work related you really should just let it go.  In your situation I would think about what if it was a different  nonwork related issue, would you demand it? I personally would let it go. She knows, she chooses to do something else, its her business. You could have some inservice on car safety. At our work place we did a whole series of inservices on car safety, like car seats, winter dringin, defensive diving, speeding, etc.  It is an office job, so its not like  driving was our "job", just that everyone drives personally off work, so they brought this program in. It was really good with these great videos from australia, that Ithink were commercials in australia, very realistic and thought provoking! I think in the owrk place that would be more appropriate than forcing a subordinate to  use a car seat correctly, even if you can because its the military.

Polliwog's Avatar Polliwog 10:09 AM 04-03-2011

I would either do a general car seat safety training or just talk with her. I would not order her to do it. It has nothing to do with her job (and I get the whole military thing.)


Honey693's Avatar Honey693 02:16 PM 04-03-2011
I'd say something. It's not justa matetr of well the kid one so it's legal, not safe, but legal. It's illegal and I'd speak up about anything illegal (beyond going a few miles over the speed limit).
MusicianDad's Avatar MusicianDad 02:41 PM 04-03-2011

If she's breaking the law (which she probably is), then I would at least speak to a higher up about it, or give the order yourself. I do believe the military has the responsibility to ensure those serving are not blatantly disregarding laws. If it's not, then suggestions, a driving safety course, or even organizing a car seat check if your can would be a good idea, but will have to say that in the end it would be her choice.

new2this's Avatar new2this 07:11 PM 04-04-2011

No I wouldn't go to her higher up. In a civilian work place would you tell on them to their boss? 


To me I would suggest a class for the whole group. Most bases offer car seat checks monthly. Offer the FRG or whatever family support group you have to do a class as part of their meeting and have it mandatory for all Soldier to attend. If that fails then I would report it. However I don't see the MPs doing anything about it unless they had another reason to stop her. Then try local law officials. 



philomom's Avatar philomom 07:14 PM 04-04-2011
This is not a work issue. Call your police non-emergency hotline and give her tag number and tell what you spotted.
Marsupialmom's Avatar Marsupialmom 07:47 PM 04-04-2011

I would bring it up with the SP's....tag the car/s coming on base. It most likely wouldn't hurt to do random check.  


CEG's Avatar CEG 06:42 PM 04-05-2011

When I was active duty (Army) on weekends where we were having a three or four day pass we always had to go through these ridiculous vehicle inspection to get the pass-- they would check lights, tires, etc before you would be allowed to leave. Maybe you could set up a car seat check in conjunction with something like this or you could set something like this up on it's own. The only catch being that it singles out soldiers with kids.


You could in fact, reasonably order her to fix the seat in my opinion.  It's the military.  You can order someone to cut their hair or mow their lawn or force them to pay their credit card bills.  Doesn't translate well into a civilin frame of mind.  She will probably resent you a lot and it may cause some angst but technically she is breaking the law.