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rach03's Avatar rach03 12:31 PM 05-24-2011
Baby three is due in a month. Our friends had borrowed out infant carrier, but when they got rear ended they replaced it with a convertible instead of getting another infant seat. So at this point instead of buying an infant seat that w will only use for a year or less, we are thinking about just starting with a convertible.

Our 6 year old is in a Nautilus, and our almost three year old is in a convertible Triumph. She is tiny, so she is still rear facing...so the baby can't move up to hers.

Just wondering which convertible seats should be looking at, it's been a while since I had to shop for carseats.

AnnieA's Avatar AnnieA 01:21 PM 05-24-2011

The Graco MyRide 65, First Years Truefit and the Radians are all supposed to be good from newborn on up. I just got a Graco MyRide 65 for my baby that is due in July.

rach03's Avatar rach03 07:30 PM 05-24-2011

Thanks!  I had been looking at the MyRide...good to know it's one of the better ones.  Thanks!