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mra's Avatar mra 10:40 AM 06-08-2011

What would you do?


We just bought a king size mattress because we cosleep and wanted to upgrade from our queen. That one was a foam mattress - probably high in toxins.


We bought the Europa brand. I've called the company and talked to the reps. It is supposedly pretty green - chemical free flame retardant (silk and bamboo fiber), a decent amount of soy foam, natural latex, blah blah blah. It has been airing out in our room since Monday with the window open, fan on and door closed. It really doesn't smell at all. I know it still has glue and other chemicals, I'm sure, but it was the best we could do on our current budget.


Anyway, I've been reading more on the internet because I become OCD about things. I've read that even though a manufacturer claims to use fibers to meet the flammability laws, it just isn't possible. That there must be some chemical mixed in with the fibers. The company claims there are no flame retardant chemicals, but now I'm finding that hard to believe, especially because by law they don't have to disclose exactly what they use. I've read so many conflicting things (as always) that my mind is going to explode.


Julia sleeps with us and now I'm paranoid about her sleeping on this new mattress because maybe it isn't as safe as they claim.


Any advice so that I can stop obsessing?  

KTProvi's Avatar KTProvi 07:45 PM 06-08-2011

Call the Center for Environmental Health

They will help you to understand the real risk (ie, w sheets over the mattress, how much is she really getting exposed to?)

MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 06:30 AM 06-09-2011

I'm going to move this over to Family Safety :) 

momofmine's Avatar momofmine 07:24 AM 08-15-2011

So did you find anything out?  We are currently in search of new mattresses for our kids and I am trying to research the issue and not having a lot of luck.

northerngirl's Avatar northerngirl 08:49 PM 08-15-2011

Can you return it? Some mattresses have a trial period.


I checked out their website and after it lists the "key features" soy, latex, foam, natural flame says on the very bottom "not all components are used in every Europa mattress". Not sure what exact one you purchased?


That said we purchased a king size Tempurpedic when dd1 was just one week old. It was a serious upgrade for us.

But when we unwrapped that thing it stunk SO SO bad. I could not sleep on it and no way wanted itty bitty baby sleeping on it.

Dh said that it would take a little time (like a week) for it to stop smelling. I thought otherwise. I didn't want to return it but didn't like the smell.

So we ended up buying a vinyl encasement for it. Not that I wanted to sleep on vinyl, but it pretty much made the smell go away. 
We didn't end up taking it off for 3? years, when it ended up with a big rip in it. It's been 5 years and it doesn't smell now.


Maybe there's a better  encasement now that isn't vinyl?

mra's Avatar mra 02:44 PM 08-16-2011

I must have called too many times because one of the corporate guys called me and answered a lot of my questions about the Europa line from Sleep America. There is 20% soy foam. The flame retardant is a silk/wool/bamboo fiber blend. No chemicals. The glue is non-toxic and he said something about it being the only glue allowed to be used in California. No formaldehyde or nasty stuff like that. He said the wood for the box springs is all from areas that are replanted. The latex is natural talalay (spelling?) latex. It still contains foam (yuck) but for our price range right now I was pretty happy with his answers. He offered to send me the MSDS safety sheets for everything used in the bed, too.


We ended up keeping it because my husband will only put up with my insanity about these things for so long KWIM? I can drive people crazy!

mra's Avatar mra 02:47 PM 08-16-2011



Maybe there's a better  encasement now that isn't vinyl?

I ordered my sheets from Magnolia Organics. They make a cotton encasement, not sure how that would work to prevent smells. The problem is I don't think it would fit on a pillowtop because it isn't tall enough.


This bed never had a strong smell, which is nice. I also ordered organic kapok pillows and a PVC, pthalate free mattress cover in case of accidents from the little one.