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LHcj2008's Avatar LHcj2008 07:14 AM 11-15-2011

I don't know what type of baby gate to buy to fit the bottom of my staircase in my home. We have a wooden staircase that has a landing at the bottom, then has a 90 degree angle turn with two steps leading down to the living room floor. There is no banister on these two steps, and there is just wall on one side of these steps (open on the other). The actual stairs have a banister at the end (right before the landing) which is thicker on the bottom, and then there is wall on the other side with baseboard that sticks out from the wall on the bottom.


So, the dilemma is that nothing is level and I can't just put a gate across in either spot (across the bottom of the main stairway, or across the landing after the two steps that lead up) without something that will be able to adjust for the differences in width. I also don't know if a pressure-mounted gate would be a good idea in a scenario like this given the differences in width.


Anyone know of something that would work?

mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 04:14 PM 11-22-2011
I'm having a hard time picturing it. Maybe it would help to post a photo?