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Best LIGHT High Back Booster?

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I'm in the market for a new high back booster.  I have a Graco Nautilus that needs to be replaced because it was in the car during a car accident.  My mom has one too, but doesn't like to transfer it between cars because it is bulky and heavy.  She has fibromyalgia and can't lift much.  When in other cars, she just puts DD in a low-back booster.  I don't like it, so we reached a compromise.  I would find a high back booster that is lighter, and I would take her Nautilus.  But I need advice on what would be best.  Any ideas?


ETA:  DD is 7 years old, 42.5 inches and 47.4 pounds.

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Does your mother's car have vehicle support such as headrests or high seatbacks?  If it does, a backless booster is actually a fine and appropriate choice for a 7yo for relatively short trips (no napping, no restless wiggling, etc.)


The Harmony Youth Booster fits most kids well, is relatively inexpensive, and is extremely lightweight.

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She only got out of the 5 point this summer.  She's still very wiggly and leans super forward a lot.  Every time I see her do it, I threaten to put the 5 point back in.  It's the back seat of a car...I can't remember if there are headrests.  She's just so SMALL for her age, that I'm concerned.

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My 7 year old regularly rides in a backless as back-up. I would be OK with it, not ideal, but for back up in other peoples cars, once in a while, I am fine with it.

As far as a good, basic lightweight booster, the Graco TurboBooster usually is pretty light and offers a good fit for smaller kids.
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