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hannybanany 02-04-2012 04:47 AM

My 9 month old has just about outgrown his Chicco Key Fit, so we're trying to find a convertible for him. He's 22 lbs and 30ish inches long. I think he'll continue to be pretty average in weight but above average length.


My 30 lb, 38" tall 3 year old is still RF in a fisher price safe voyage deluxe - so we're obviously committed to extended rear facing. 


Our primary vehicle is a Sienna, so space isn't an issue. 


Right now the Graco MyRide and Britax Classic Marathon are within the same price range at Target but I don't if either of these is a good option for us (I know the marathon only rf to 35 lbs, but if the shell is taller would I get longer use?). I'd like to spend less than $200. 


Also, I've never owned a Britax and I understand they offer a lot of conveniences, but are they really any better, safer, than other seats? I've known a lot of playgroup friends who would only buy Britax, but I don't really know if its a safety thing or a status thing. That's an honest question, I'm not trying to be rude :). 



Maedze 02-04-2012 05:32 AM

To answer the last question first, NO, a seat that is made by Britax is definitely NOT safer than any other seat.  Although they definitely have better PR budgets ;-) 


What is the DOM on your Safe Voyage?  Those seats retired a lonnnng time ago (car seat relative speaking) so I'm guessing you're approaching the end of its useable life?  You may end up needing new seats for both youngsters.  


The Britax Marathon Classic (not the new Marathon 70) is certainly *ok* but definitely not my first choice.   For kids that are tall, and within your budget constraints, I'd look at a Safety First Complete Air 65, the First Years True Fit and the Evenflo Triumph 65. 


The Triumph is slightly taller than the Marathon and has a 40 lb rear facing limit.


The Complete Air is significantly taller than the Marathon (But has a 40" rear facing max stated on it) with a 40 lb rear facing limit. 


The True Fit is the tallest with no stated top height limit (other than 1" from the top of the shell), with a 35 lb rear facing limit.  

I love, love, love the Graco My Rides, but outside of the new Britax convertibles they are one of the shorter seats, and I wouldn't pick it for a child who was 30" at 9 months. You want something to accommodate that height in the future. 

hannybanany 02-04-2012 06:23 AM

Thank you! The DOM on the FPSVD is March '07, so I've got another year with that. By then DD will be FF and I'll put her in a Nautilus, most likely. 


Sounds like I'll be looking at the Triumph or True Fit.


If I were to increase the budget to $250 would there be more options? 


Thanks, again!

Maedze 02-04-2012 06:43 AM

If you could go up to 250, I'd consider a Diono R120 (45 lb rear facing limit).  

The catch to that is, they over-recline for Siennas, so you'd need to buy an angle adjuster separately. 


Second catch?  The angle adjuster is only certified for use for kids 1 and older.'d buy the Radian, the angle adjuster, temporarily put your baby in the FPSVD, put the three year old in the Radian, (which your three year old would appreciate because it has tons more leg room than the FPSVD).   When the FPSVD expires, hand the Radian down to the baby and buy the four year old a Nautilus.  Winning at car seat musical chairs!

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