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AfricanQueen99's Avatar AfricanQueen99 11:44 AM 02-14-2012

When the baby showed up I moved my oldest (almost 6, 45 lb, +/- 47-48") into the HBB version of her Frontier.  The goal was that she would be able to buckle herself with just a "mom approved" visual check.  The problem is that I can't keep the seat belt through the shoulder guide (that red piece) because of the vehicle's locking mechanism.  Every single time she unbuckles the belt it pulls back but then won't pull forward until she removes the whole thing from the car seat so it's a straight line and then repulls it back to buckle.  This is a royal PITA.


Is there something I can do (or buy) to allow us to keep the belt in the seat's shoulder guide?  Right now this system isn't working for us and I am *NOT* ready to move her into a backless booster.


Just in case it matters, we're talking about a 2012 Honda Odyssey.

mama2soren's Avatar mama2soren 12:26 PM 02-14-2012

Is she pulling the belt all the way out before she buckles it?  It sounds like the SLR mechanism is being activated when you say that it's the vehicle's locking mechanism that's preventing the belt from being extended.  Moving to a LBB would not change anything if this is the case, as it wouldn't have anything to do with the shoulder guide of the booster.


Not pulling the belt out as far as it goes would avoid the SLR issue.   

AfricanQueen99's Avatar AfricanQueen99 08:39 AM 02-15-2012

It happens every time so I don't think it's due to pulling it all the way out - I don't pull  all the way and she doesn't have the man power to do it.


Other ideas?  This is just stumping me!

scbegonias's Avatar scbegonias 08:04 PM 03-10-2012

I'm wondering if you can just keep her harnessed and allow her to get in and out with a visual/touch inspection? My almost 8yo is harnessed in the Frontier, and can get herself in and out. I do a visual inspection and a slight tug on the straps.