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EJTmommy's Avatar EJTmommy 06:19 PM 02-23-2012

Hi there,


Not sure if this is the right place to ask or not - but doesn't anyone have a recommendation for a natural fiber pillow? Wool, cotton, organic cotton etc...


I found this one site through another forum - anyone ever use them? Thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

luckypirahna's Avatar luckypirahna 01:51 PM 03-04-2012

I don't know about those, but I love buckwheat hull pillows. They aren't a fiber as such, but are super comfy. We can't use ours right now because we're co-sleeping with a tiny babe and they are heavy, but I can't wait to get them back in the bed.

Mama505's Avatar Mama505 09:59 PM 04-20-2012

I have an organic cotton futon from this company and I love it... maybe a couple of pillows are next in line!  I see on the website that they have the buckwheat pillows that the last poster mentioned.