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kitson's Avatar kitson 12:25 AM 03-08-2012

My father's birthday will come soon. I want to have a big party and invite some relatives to celebrate , but there are lots of things to think about. There aren't enough tableware in our house, so I should buy some catering tableware for the party. I want to buy some good ones both beautiful and in good quality which is safe to the health. I saw the ones on the page .But it is not easy to find if these ones are good, or I should buy some in the supermarket? Thanks for your ideas.

mama2soren's Avatar mama2soren 10:52 AM 03-08-2012

I consider myself pretty safety- and ecologically-minded, but I wouldn't spend too much time stressing over which disposable plates to use for a party.  Buy the ones you like the looks of, and have a good time.

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 01:26 PM 03-08-2012

Do you (or a friend) compost?  Can you throw paper trash in with yard trash?  Do you have a wood burning stove/fireplace where you can burn paper products? 


I would skip anything with a plastic coating, because that coating makes it take far longer to decompose.  But something like a simple Chinet paper plate, which if you fill with water will soak through in about 10 minutes, will decompose with no difficulty, and yet still be sturdy enough to stand up to a fork and knife. 


I think what you're planning on doing with the plates afterwards though needs also to be considered, since just putting them in a plastic bag and hauling them to the landfill doesn't solve anything. 

kitson's Avatar kitson 08:37 PM 03-08-2012

Thanks for your ideas!

I'll think about it carefully. And we should protect the environment at any