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ThankfulMama's Avatar ThankfulMama 04:48 PM 03-10-2012

I need to do a three across in a murano with a boulevard and two chicco keyfits.  DD is almost 3 and is in the boulevard.  I'd like to keep her RF for a bit longer, but with her outboard and a keyfit in the center position the keyfit must press against the boulevard to get into the base before it clicks (i have not yet installed the second keyfit in the other outboard position).  Is it OK for the seats to press against each other?  I'm guessing the other alternative is to put the boulevard FF in the center, but I'd rather not if I can safely keep all three RF.



DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 08:57 PM 03-10-2012

It is ok for seats to touch as long as they are independently tight installations (so install all 3, take out one, check the others to make sure they are tight on their own and not just tight from the seat next to it).

ThankfulMama's Avatar ThankfulMama 06:38 AM 03-11-2012

Fantastic!, thank you!  The base of the Keyfit did not touch when installed without the seat, and was pretty tight.  I will be so thrilled if I can keep DD1 RF!