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Frioct3's Avatar Frioct3 03:49 PM 03-11-2012

Does anyone know what convertible car seats will work well for an infant in a small car?  Most of what I can find by googling seems to be more for either infants in large cars or for toddlers in small cars.  I think I'm correct in my thinking that for a convertible car seat to be okay for a newborn it is more tilted than for a toddler and therefore would take up more back seat space?


We have a 2006 Golf.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help a very confused mama to be! 

chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 03:56 PM 03-11-2012

Combi Coccoro (tiny seat), Compass TrueFit (headrest can be removed up to 22#, so seat is shorter when it needs to be more reclined), Maxi Cosi Pria (unique infant insert allows seat to be upright but newbie to be reclined).

thursday2's Avatar thursday2 02:01 PM 03-12-2012
I use the Combi Coccoro in my Jeep Wrangler - nothing else fits that I know of, and it works great! It's a pain to install properly, but otherwise no issues.
chel's Avatar chel 02:35 PM 03-12-2012
I think chickabiddy summed it up.

I really like the truefit in my 1997 civic. No way could I rf a larger seat. I'm short too, so the seat isn't that far back either.
As for the Others, Didn't know about the pria when I bought mine and wanted a seat to last longer than the coccoro.
I plan on only needing a booster after the tf.
chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 08:03 PM 03-12-2012

The Pria is relatively new.  There may be good reason you didn't know about it when you bought your seat. :)

Frioct3's Avatar Frioct3 05:43 AM 03-18-2012

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.  I should have mentioned I'm in Canada.  It looks like the TrueFit is available up here, but not the others mentioned.  


Does anyone have any other suggestions they know are sold in Canada?

cat13's Avatar cat13 02:38 PM 03-19-2012

I bought a First Year's True Fit and used it from birth. Although DS was 10lbs, I bet he still would have fit if he were smaller. They say they fit babies from 7 or 8 lbs and most of the reviews I read said that people agreed with this.


As for your smaller car, I have a Honda Fit and this fits in my car just fine. I went to and did a search for my car model and the car seat I wanted, and there were a few reviews of the fit.