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Partaria's Avatar Partaria 08:56 AM 03-14-2012

My little fella will be 1 year old in May, and a little after that time, we're going to start taking him on bike rides with us. We've opted for an iBert seat, so he will be facing front. (Note: I've read all the safety stuff on trailers vs seats, and I'm not in search of any info on that.)


I will be getting him a helmet, of course, but I'm a little concerned about his eyes. When I ride my bike, even at not too fast speeds, I can get an occasional bug in the eye. How do I deal with this where DS is concerned? Have others using a seat instead of a trailer dealt with this? Are baby sunglasses a good solution?

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 03:35 PM 03-14-2012

I think baby sun glasses would do the trick, both for bugs, and, well, sun. LOL.  You can get them with a little rubber strap that goes round the back of his head so he doesn't throw them off.