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sraplayas's Avatar sraplayas 04:10 PM 04-02-2012

My brother has offered us their infant seat to use for our baby due in 2 months. Everything checks out---no accidents, safely washed, up-to-date. However, they brought the seat with them on the airplane and an attendent stowed it in the cabin. So, is the seat still safe?



DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 05:34 PM 04-02-2012

I would not have an issue with it being stowed in the cabin.

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 07:27 PM 04-02-2012

Wouldn't so much as blink. :-)

McGucks's Avatar McGucks 07:44 PM 04-02-2012

Bring it on.  No worries.