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StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 08:19 AM 04-04-2012

DS1's Regent is expiring next month so I'm getting ready to play the carseat shuffle.


In my car I will get rid of the Regent and move his Frontier (harnessed) in (currently that one is in dh's car). DS2 is currently in a Keyfit in the middle. DS1 is behind passenger seat.


In DH's car DS2 is in Keyfit in middle. We have a Nautilus (booster mode) and a Turbobooster as options for DS1. I hate the idea of ds being in a booster, but I'm out of options. He's 8 1/2 years old and plenty big enough.


So do I move ds1 to the middle in dh's car and put the baby behind the driver? Or should the baby stay in the middle and ds1 (in the booster) stay behind the passenger?


We are thinking of getting a Symphony 65 for dh's car for the baby and a Radian RXT for my car for the baby.

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 09:04 AM 04-04-2012

There is absolutely zero reason (unless there is a special need you didn't mention?) that you should be concerned about an 8 year old in a booster.  There's no evidence at this juncture that the harness is safer.  For a child 5-6, a booster is perfectly safe.  :-)  


Ideally, the least protected child goes in the most protected position.  In this case, that's the forward facing child.  The rear facing child is the more protected child and therefore goes outboard.  

In reality, it can be very difficult if not impossible to buckle a booster next to another restraint.  Not enough room to get the hands in between the seats.   Putting them both outboard is absolutely fine.  


I'd suggest avoiding the Symphony.  It's a rather short seat, outgrown early over all in every direction.  

StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 09:18 AM 04-04-2012
Sorry, I should have mentioned- ds1 has autism. He is doing better now, but went through a phase of trying to unbuckle constantly and trying to jump out if the car (when he was 5-6). He has been booster training for the past yearish (in spare cars, not our main cars) and is doing much better about the safety of it.

What seat do you recommend that will fit behind the drivers seat when the driver is tall? Ds2 will have to be in the middle or behind the driver (ds1 needs to exit the car from the back passenger side when he goes to school). It's not an issue in my car (i'm short) but it will be in dh's car). On long trips (about every 2-3 months) I will move the frontier back to dh's car and, hopefully, have baby in the middle leaving a seat open for me (baby isn't a good long car rider).
Maedze's Avatar Maedze 10:16 AM 04-04-2012

You want a seat that doesn't take up much back to front room.  The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 might be a good choice :-)   Or a second Radian with angle adjuster.   More cheaply, Graco My Ride 65 and Evenflo Triumph 65.