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sewaneecook's Avatar sewaneecook 04:46 PM 05-17-2012

I have replaced most of my aluminum cookware, but I'm having a very difficult time finding good quality, non-aluminum muffin pan, jelly roll pans, and a griddle.  We had a Lodge cast iron griddle that we thought was going to be good, but it didn't evenly heat and burned the food I cooked every time.  Because of this experience, I'm leery to buy cast iron muffin pans.  Is there a good source of stainless steel for these items? 

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 10:16 AM 05-20-2012

Most of mine is older bakeware that I've picked up secondhand (thrift shops, estate sales - sometimes I even find really nice commercial kitchen type stuff).  Not sure if that's a big help, cause it has taken quite some time to accumulate, but you might have better luck looking used than among new products.


I haven't used the muffin pans, but I have other clay bakeware and I wonder whether muffins would actually work out pretty well in those (when well-buttered, I've found them to work pretty well for other similar foodstuff).