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ebbb's Avatar ebbb 11:34 AM 06-05-2012

Hi! I am getting a new car seat for my 2 year old DD, but don't know which one to get. I want her to be rear facing as long as possible. She is now 35 inches tall, torso height of 19.5 inches and weighs 26 pounds.


So far I am looking at the Safety first complete air, True Fit, Graco My Ride 65, and then the Radian on the more expensive side. Does anyone know the rf height limits on the graco my ride or the true fit?


I'm going to take it on a plane in August, the seats have a width of 17 inches. Does anyone have experience taking any of these seats on a plane ( except the radian which i know is thinner).


Also, when we get to our destination, I will be installing the car seat in my SIL's van and possibly MIL's car, so I'm thinking that having an easy to install seat would be best. Which car seat is the most universal for easy install?


Any help/ experience would be greatly appreciated.

wishin'&hopin''s Avatar wishin'&hopin' 12:41 PM 06-05-2012

I've taken our myride 65 on a plane and while it was doable it wasn't pretty.  Because it has cup holders on both sides of the seat it's actually really wide.  Carrying the seat down the aisle of the plane, while carrying a baby, was a bit of a nightmare and then it was tough to install b/c of the width.  We do like the seat tho' for day to day and my son who is 2 and 35 inches, 28 pounds, is RF in it and while I don't know off hand the height limits, he still has a good three inches of shell above his head.  

brigala's Avatar brigala 12:45 PM 06-05-2012

The true fit sounds like a good option. It is one of the tallest car seats for rear facing, about the same as the Radian or Complete Air. Except the Radian costs more, and the CA has a stated standing height limit for RF of 40". It is easier to install in most cars than a Radian or a CA. Its main drawback is the 35 lb weight limit for RF, but that's less of a concern for tall, slender kids who will probably max out the height limits of all north american RF seats at around 35 lbs anyway.


It should fit on a plane, but you'll probably have to put the arm rests up.

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 05:48 PM 06-06-2012

I would recommend getting whatever seat you like best for your car, and then investing in a $50 Scenera for your trip.  Most seats are super heavy and just a real pain to haul through the airport.  The Scenera is super light and easy to carry and fits well on a plane.

chel's Avatar chel 08:52 PM 06-06-2012
My 2yr dd is 30lb /38in..
I used a truefit for her everyday seat and the scenera in dh car and for travel.

I really like both seat. Never traveled by air with the truefit, and don't have any desire.
I love that I can easily bungie cord the scenera to the handle of my rolling carry-on. able to roll it down the airplane aisle.
Even with the scenera, I often have to have the armrest up. I rf on planes whenever possible to give me more shoulder space.
Can't imagine flying with a wider seat.