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Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 09:14 AM 06-10-2012

My 10 year old son fell off his bike on Friday afternoon, breaking his wrist and scratching up his face pretty badly. Thank G-d he was wearing his helmet- he was treated and released from the ER after a few hours, rather than having to stay overnight for observation.


We just bought him a new helmet about 2 weeks ago. I inspected it today, and saw that it's dented in a very small spot near the front. The helmet should be replaced now, right?

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 11:39 AM 06-10-2012

Correct (in fact, even if you didn't see any damage.)


Bike helmets, like car seats are designed for one use only, and should be replaced after impact.

34me's Avatar 34me 11:48 AM 06-10-2012

Agreed!  I hope your son feels better soon.  We have had our share of bike mishaps :-)