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IlluminatedAttic's Avatar IlluminatedAttic 02:54 PM 06-27-2012

Shopping for a seat for my babe due in a month. Thinking about the Advocate due to the safety ratings, but looking for opinions. Seat will be latched on the side, probably behind the driver, in a mid-size SUV but not sure yet which one (we have to buy that too). Most likely a Honda Pilot or a Ford Flex. Thoughts?

chickabiddy's Avatar chickabiddy 03:04 PM 06-27-2012

There are no (reputable, objective) safety ratings -- all seats must pass the exact same tests.  Britaxes are fine seats, but there is no reason to believe they are safer than other seats.


The Advocate with the infant positioning insert (sold separately) will fit average-size newborns, but not tiny ones.

katt's Avatar katt 05:33 PM 06-27-2012

my friend has the advocate and likes it.  I have a blvd and will get another blvd for this one when it's born.  But, my 6lb newborn was too short to fit in the convertible.  I had to borrow my sister's bucket until baby was big enough to fit properly.


Have you visited:

that is my go-to site for carseat safety and questions.


I like the Ford Flex.  It looks cool, it seats 7.