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terraka's Avatar terraka 09:19 PM 07-07-2012

Hi there,


My daughter has started walking, crawls really fast and CLIMBS all over the place. She is almost 14months.

In the last two days she:

- fell off our bed- we co-sleep and she just fell in the middle of the night, on her had.

- broke a glass she got from my desk by climbing on the desk chair. 

- fell of the couch.


I  just need some quick ideas.I need to scan the house and think, what do  I do, how do I baby-proof?


I feel really unable to see obvious things, i just don't feel good at baby-proofing.


What did you do for safety when you were first taken by surprise by your very mobile toddler?


I am sure this was already discussed somewhere, but have no time to look...



terraka's Avatar terraka 09:21 PM 07-07-2012

And also she put her leg over the bathtub and fell into the bathtub also. i was right next to her and grabbed her, but I was shocked by how quick that was. i mean, she just took her first steps. She has never really climbed before...

katelove's Avatar katelove 01:06 AM 07-08-2012
We put our mattress on the floor after our LO fell off the first time. We also put a gate on the bathroom door because that's where we kept the nappy buckets and kitty litter as well.

We put breakables/ dangerous things up high.

Things she could climb on we taught her how to climb safely, spotted her while she did it or redirected her depending on what it was.
LaughingHyena's Avatar LaughingHyena 12:31 PM 07-08-2012

I went for the approach of seeing what they got in to, then tacking that issue. For both my kids it was different things.


Cuboards: we had one or two which we left for them to explore, the rest got magnitic cuboard locks fitted. I found them so much better than the clip kind. It's worth buying an extra key and keeping it somewhere seperate.


Furniture: anchor anythign to the wall which might topple if climbed on. We haev a lot of IKEA stuff which comes with a tether, I think they sell them seperately too.


Sockets: most of our sockets are behing furniture so we didn't need to do anything else.


Stairs: we had a gate on our sitting room, meaning we could shut of the stairs easily. Then spent some time "playng" on the stairs teching the kids how to come down backwards. We did put the gaet at the top of the stairs when DD moed into her own room as we didn;t want her to take a wrong turn when she came into our room in the night.


Toilet: we kept the door closed, but as both started showing interest in using it around 18 months there was no point in a lock.


I remember when DD started crawling I had a basket on a high shelf where I would stick stuff she was suddenly able to reach and should not get hold of.

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 05:45 PM 07-08-2012

For the bed and couch, teach her how to get off them safely by sliding on her tummy feet first.  That will prevent a lot of falls.  For other things, case by case basis of what she gets into, other than obvious things like securing heavy furniture to wall, keeping medicines and sharp oject locked up, etc. 

chel's Avatar chel 09:11 PM 07-08-2012
I agree, follow your child's destruction. Since you have a climber, you can't just put things out of reach. Nothing on counters might discourage climbing and hopefully she will move on, to something hopefully easier to deal with. This worked with my climber.
As for falling. It happens. Try to make the area around stuff like sofas and beds safe ie pushing coffee table away from sofa.
terraka's Avatar terraka 10:10 PM 07-08-2012

Thanks guys, it has overall been a better day.

She does know how to safely get off bed and couch, it is just that she lost balance as she was half asleep, or did not see. 

I am definitely going to "study" her interests.

If you have any tips with what to do with cables, please advise. Are cables dangerous?

How can one hide them, secure them?

Thank you!

katelove's Avatar katelove 10:43 PM 07-08-2012
What sort of cables and where are they? They can be a strangulation or electrocution risk. There are a variety of different devices depending on the specific situation.
terraka's Avatar terraka 12:39 AM 07-09-2012

Long extension cord that runs from electrical outlet to office desk. Cables that belong to bread-maker, steamer, phones, video monitors, lots of long floor lamp cables.

We live in a pretty old house, the electrical wiring is weird and so you have to use ext. cords a lot.

Also,we have a lot of floor lamps because there are no ceiling lights in two rooms (again, strange 1930s design...).

I guess I need to look for ways to make them attached to the floor?

katelove's Avatar katelove 01:28 AM 07-09-2012
For the extension cords maybe cable tacks. Or you can also get strips of cable track to secure and conceal cables . You can get covers for the conections too if you need to. And also covers for power boards if you have any of those within reach.

For appliances probably just cable ties to secure the cords in a coil which wont dangle. You can buy cord shorteners but it's probably not necessary.

Not sure about the floor lamps. Have you tried googling "securing floor lamps"?