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the2amigos's Avatar the2amigos 07:05 AM 08-02-2012

I have a Radian XTSL for my almost 3 year old.  He is only 33 pounds.  I needed to wash his cover due to a jello accident - don't ask :)  He is rear facing and his straps were WAY down under his shoulders, the next step up they are just at his shoulders.


Reading the manual, it states, quote "ONLY use top three shoulder harness positions for forward facing child."  What does that mean?  I know it means you can't use the bottom two slots for forward facing child, but does it mean that you can't use the top three for rear facing??  He has been using the middle (3rd one from bottom and 3rd one from top for a long time now) slot and moving it up puts it on the second from top.  Does this mean he needs to be forward facing?....which he would be thrilled about, me, not so much!  Did I have him rear facing for too long?


Oh my head.  This car seat stuff gives me a headache!!

the2amigos's Avatar the2amigos 09:14 AM 08-02-2012

Called the company.  You can use any harness height while rear facing, only the top three forward facing.  DS2 is very upset...he heard me on the phone and is screaming that he wants to sit forward...oy.

Jenga's Avatar Jenga 12:14 PM 08-02-2012

Well, glad you got that sorted out! :) Yes, at or below for rear facing, any height on the shell. For FF, there is no way your kid could be big enugh to FF if the straps were above the shoulder at the lower levels. Make sense?