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mamaof5boys's Avatar mamaof5boys 01:53 PM 08-15-2012
My DH left the Britax booster seat on the ground outside and our 8 month old German Shepherd ate the foam part of the seat!! greensad.gif. It's the foam piece that goes under the cloth seat cover. It really seems like more of a comfort factor, because now he'll have to sit on plastic rather than a comfortable pad. My DH feels this isn't a safety issue.

Any thoughts? Can I use this car seat? Thanks!

leafylady's Avatar leafylady 02:28 PM 08-15-2012

I think that foam is integral to the safety protection feature.  You'll need to get a new seat.

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 02:38 PM 08-15-2012

If it was gray foam, it was comfort padding.  If it was white foam, it was EPS foam, which is a crash force reducer.   Either way, the seat is still safe to use, but if it was EPS foam, you shouldn't use it again until you get a replacement from Britax.  

DahliaRW's Avatar DahliaRW 03:10 PM 08-15-2012

I would call Britax and see if you can get a replacement for the foam.  It shouldn't be too expensive.

mamaof5boys's Avatar mamaof5boys 05:15 AM 08-18-2012
Thanks everyone! I think all she ate was the grey foam. I called Britax and they sent me a new one for free!! smile.gif