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ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 08:54 PM 08-15-2012
ok, heres my delimma. ds is 4, will be 5 oct. 1st, and right at 40lbs. he is going to 1/2 day pre k this year. he will *hopefully* be riding the school bus to daycare after the am session, about a mile and a half or so. maybe 2 miles. our daycare doesnt do mid day runs. i wanted him to ride the daycare bus (its one of those white ones that is actually like a bus with seat belts, holds 14-15 kids i think) to school in the morning... i was going to buy a booster, cuz im pretty sure the seat belt wont fit him right, but they said due to liability issues, i cant do that, they have to. well they checked into it for me, and corporate says no, because he is within the limits. you have to be 4yrs old and 40lbs to ride the bus.they will special order a booster if the child is over 5 and under 40 lbs (not that the parents ever ask for one, but thats a whole nother rant, lol. ) the child is 4 yrs old and under 40lbs, they cant ride period. i asked if i got a dr's note, would that work, they said no. and i work there, so i would hope they'd be more willing to work with me, KWIM?

this is the question- if riding the school bus is workable (not sure if it is, because of my class times across town), is it safer in a school bus with no seatbelt/carseat, or in a daycare bus with a seat belt that doesnt fit right?

i need to call transportation tomorrow about something else anyway, so i'll ask about the bus seatbelt situation. it would be a bus of only pre-k kids, if that makes a difference, because they have a cluster program- kids from our "home school" are bussed to the school that provides the pre k program

brigala's Avatar brigala 12:52 AM 08-16-2012

The school bus would be safer. School buses are very very safe, and use different technology to keep children safe in them. Children over age 5 (approximately) and 40 lbs are well protected on school busses without seat belts. They are designed with energy absorbing foam in the seats and the seats are set close enough together to protect kids like eggs in an egg carton (which is why they're so uncomfy for adults). 


A bus small enough to require seat belts needs to have the belts fit correctly. They may not allow the booster because they may have lap belts only? Or the seat belts on the busses may be child-size already? I would want to actually see my child on the bus with the seat belt on before I could really form a judgment about whether the day care bus is a safe ride for my child.