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I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and we recently moved to a new house that has quite a big property with lots of hedges, trees etc. and it is very close to the water in a rural/suburban community... an island, in fact.

We were living in a nearby town in the countryside before, but for some reason the new house has brought out a new side of our cat's personality:



In the past week, she has killed three rats, three mice and eaten two birds (this is all just that we know of.)

Unfortunately she has been bringing the rats inside to eat and the first time she did this very cleanly without much mess but this morning my husband has informed me there are rat guts in the hallway!


I FIND THIS SO DISGUSTING and I am wondering if I should be concerned about disease with the newborn coming IMMINENTLY.


The rats are not like city rats-- they live in the juniper hedge and probably eat seeds and berries and snails and such, and probably our compost.


I read a warning recently about West Nile Virus being carried by local birds...


Please help!


We need to find a solution, SOON!


(I think the cat is trying to be protective of me... but I am not sure.  We don't think the rats are coming from inside the house, but from outside, and that she is bringing them in.)

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Not exactly the same situation but wanted to share our experience...

Note-Our cats are all indoor only.


In 2007, DHs very bitchy young female cat who wouldn't let me near her went through a bunch of changes...moved from his apt in the city to my apt in suburbia with my 2 cats.  Then moved a few months later to the house we bought together.  During that time she peed on my queen size bed & then the organic crib mattress & brand new beautiful diaper bag that were shower gifts before the baby was even born!  


We took her to the vet to make sure it wasn't medical (knowing full well it was NOT-lol) & then got this spray that is supposed to calm cats a little xanax in a spray bottle.  Any vet you ask will remember the name or you could prob find it on google somehow.  


I don't know if that worked or she just needed time to get used to the changes life was throwing at her...but we moved again 8 months ago & had another baby over 2 years ago & she hasn't peed on anything.  She also now allows me to pet her & according to DH, last night was tapping my forehead with her paw while I slept to try & get some lovin'.  She still doesn't allow the kids to hold her but has tolerated a little petting here & there.  


Point is-cats have real personalities, do & think whatever they want to & don't always like change.  And they def LOVE to hunt no matter what their living situation is.  But by the time your baby could put anything in his/her mouth, chances are the cat will have adjusted & calmed down a little.  I don't think you should stress about it too much.


Good luck!  Such an exciting time for you!!  

Stephanie~hippie.gifwife to Dov, mama to Ella Irie (9/24/07) & Kaya Raine (2/1/10)~our vbac.gifbaby, born 45 hours after PROM!!!
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I would consider making your cat an indoor cat.   Cats who are outside are waiting victims of bigger predators, accidents, getting hit by cars, etc.  

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Has she been spayed?

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We are having this issue. We live out in the country and there are tons of rats, so we have working cats. They come in and out through the dog door and frequently bring in rats and birds. I have a 6 month old baby. Personally, I don't freak out about it because we have a tile floor, so when we see the cats bring in an animal, we take it outside, then spray down the area where they had it with vinegar and wipe it clean.


There is one issue that really bothers me, though. The cats get mites on them from the rats and birds. They can't survive on human/cat blood, but if the cat gets them on him, he may lay in our bed or on the furniture and the mites will get off and bite us. I'm not worried about disease, but the bites are horrible and itch and it's just disgusting, disease aside. We are going to put in a screen door so that the cats can come in, but they have to "ask" first. No just waltzing in here with some dead thing.


If you are really concerned about it, the the cat should be either strictly indoors or strictly outdoors. It's the only way to prevent the mites. Otherwise, you can just make it so that the cat has to ask before it comes in. Make sure the cat cannot get in and out on his own. I should also note that the mite issue may only be in my area. I've had ratters all of my life and never once had an issue with mites. Ever. This just started after moving to Hawaii. I had never even heard of it happening before, so it may not be a problem for you at all.

Mama to a bright 7 y/o girl and an exuberant 3 y/o boy  Loving unschooling, 2x and natural living in Hawaii.
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