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Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 01:36 AM 09-06-2012

3yo Ds is still rearfacing in an older model Truefit in the back middle seat of my Saturn SL1.  He's got 5 more lbs to gain before I have to turn him if he stays in the Truefit. 


My problem is the Truefit is so wide and so long rearfacing.  I can't fit it behind one of the front seats with them in a comfortable position.  I am short, so the front seats are fairly forward already, but I have the backs reclined because the top of the seat curves in right where my head is (I guess this would hit behind the neck on an average male?) and sitting with my head jutted forward gives me a headache.  My dh is nearly 6 feet, and he just has to deal with driving with the seat as far forward as I like it, because even with ds in the middle, there is no room to scoot it back further. 


I'm due next month with my second, and I need to find a second seat/configuration that will work.  I don't have the money to buy 2 seats, I'd prefer to get another convertible and not an infant bucket. 

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 06:38 AM 09-06-2012

Can you share a picture of your set up?   Do you have the head rests raised up so that your head is centered in the middle of your head rests? 

I'm concerned based on your description that you do not have your front seats properly adjusted to keep *you* safe, and fixing that may actually fix your space problem. 

chel's Avatar chel 12:15 PM 09-06-2012
Could you fit the tf without its headrest behind you or your partner?

I also have a tf ( that barely fits in my civic) i worry there might not be a seat with a shorter shell that will fit your oldest child.

Either, ff your oldest and put the baby in the tf. Or maybe a skinny radian will fit in the middle and a small seat for the baby- a bucket or a tiny convertible.
Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 02:58 PM 09-06-2012

The headrests on the front seats of the car are not adjustable at all.  I'll try and get a picture later. 


I could probably fit the TF behind one of the seats without the TF headrest on.  But isn't it better to have the youngest in the middle?

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 06:41 PM 09-08-2012

Okay, I took pictures.  They're not the greatest, but hopefully they will suffice.


Backseat with the TF


Me in the driver's seat, hopefully the angle is ok.


chel's Avatar chel 09:17 PM 09-08-2012
I would check the carseat angle. The tf looks like it is reclined for an infant? You might be able to gain some space with a more upright position
Maedze's Avatar Maedze 05:08 AM 09-09-2012

Oh gosh, what great pictures!  And both you and your son are cute as buttons love.gif


Good news, that True Fit can go a lot more upright.   Pop that towel out and reinstall.   You've got it at a full 45 degree recline for a need for that with a toddler.