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sewaneecook's Avatar sewaneecook 02:10 PM 09-21-2012
Specifically in a 3 across situation. Is simply being able to buckle all the seats in securely ok? Or does there need to be space between the base of the seats?

sewaneecook's Avatar sewaneecook 01:55 PM 09-24-2012
Anyone know? I don't want to have to get a bigger car for when #3 is born, but if it isn't safe to fit 3 in the back of our Corolla (booster for almost 7YO, FF 4YO, and RF newborn) then we'll go ahead and get a van. But we really want to make our current car situation work if at all safe.
chel's Avatar chel 02:21 PM 09-24-2012
Each seat needs to be secure independently. So that if you were to take out any one seat, the others would still be properly installed.

You might need different seats, but cheaper than a new vehicle.

Car-seat . Org or something like that has lots of posters that can give better advice on exact seats.

In general, backless boosters can be smaller than high back boosters, radians are known for being slim seats.

There are some tiny infant seats that might work well if you can play musical seats and pass down the older kids' seat
mama2soren's Avatar mama2soren 02:37 PM 09-24-2012

You can do 3-across in a Corolla, but you might need to buy new seats (hey, cheaper than a new van, right?).  Here's a thread that might help.  

sewaneecook's Avatar sewaneecook 02:53 PM 09-24-2012
Thank you! That is all very helpful. We know we needed to buy a new booster for my oldest, and the Radian he's in will go down to my middle child, and I'll see if one of our current seats fits for the newborn. Otherwise, a newborn seat and a booster are definitely cheaper than another vehicle ... which we plan on getting in another year or so, but we'd like more time to save cash for it.
mama2soren's Avatar mama2soren 10:17 AM 09-25-2012

What seats are you considering for the newborn?

sewaneecook's Avatar sewaneecook 05:38 PM 09-27-2012
We have a MyRide65 that has a narrow base, but I don't know if the upper part will be too wide to fit. We'll try it out before buying a new one. From what I've read a coccoro might be one we get if we need to buy a new one. DH is more than thrilled that we won't have to buy a new car (yet!).