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Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 12:20 AM 09-23-2012

Is there a good list somewhere of convertibles that newborns can actually fit in?  Or anyone want to recommend their favorite?  I'd love a seat that does not cost an arm and a leg, comes with all the newborn inserts and does not have to be uninstalled to adjust the harness height. 


I got a TrueFit for ds, and he's still rearfacing in it.  It fits all the criteria above, which is great, but it's so wide and I have a small car, so I'm hoping to find something a little narrower.  It would be awesome if I could find something that fit in the middle seat next to the TF, so there's still a backseat available for an adult passenger, but that might not be possible.  I asked ds if he thought we should get him a new seat and put the baby in his TF and he didn't seem too keen on the idea.  I'd like to try and respect that if I can, he's got enough changes coming his way. 

katt's Avatar katt 01:22 AM 09-23-2012

It all depends on if your baby will fit the carseat.

My son was born at 6lbs8oz, so technically he should have fit into the blvd.  rated 5lbs at smallest, BUT, he wasn't tall enough, shoulder straps were in the wrong spot/too high.


I always go to when I have carseat questions.


Other then that I have no suggestions really.  I wish you luck!  :)


I know the Diono (?) are pretty narrow, but I THINK they are pretty tall.

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 01:55 AM 09-23-2012

As I recall from the last time I shopped for a car seat, most convertibles will say they go down to 5 lbs, but have harnesses that are too high for most newborns.  The Truefit, and some others actually do have lower harness heights for safe newborn fits.  I just can't remember which other brands to look for.  DS was 6 lbs 9 oz, so I'm not expecting a big baby.  The lowest harness setting on the Truefit only fit ds for the first month or two.

Magali's Avatar Magali 05:46 AM 09-23-2012

My 8 pound newborn fit into the Truefit.  Almost 2 and she still has lots of room to stay rearfacing for a while. know that lol.

AmandaT's Avatar AmandaT 08:24 AM 09-23-2012

My 8lber fit into the comfortably smile.gif

ameliabedelia's Avatar ameliabedelia 09:05 AM 09-23-2012

My newborn (born just under 7 lbs and about 19" rides in this and fits fine (her shoulders are above the top harness straps).


However, she (along with all my other kids, my husband and myself) has a longer torso/shorter legs.  We just tend to be built that way.  So another baby that is the same length, but maybe a different body shape (with longer legs/shorter torso) may not fit.

July09Mama's Avatar July09Mama 05:32 PM 09-23-2012

If you only have room for one True Fit and you think it will work for your newbie, could you find another seat (Radian?) for your ds and hand-down his seat? You could always switch them again when the baby gets bigger if you need to, too.

wafflefish's Avatar wafflefish 10:13 AM 10-09-2012

I got the truefit as our only seat. If I was having another baby I would get an infant seat instead and the hand down the truefit when the time came. It did fit our 9 pound newborn but I felt the the straps were to wide at the shoulders for the first couple months. Even though they say its suppose to work I was a little scared.