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lovbeingamom's Avatar lovbeingamom 12:04 PM 10-07-2012

We bought my ds the convertible crib that lasts until age 12 with some basic add-ons.  Right now, he transitioned from the toddler bed and we're moving to the full size bed.  Here's the problem, the toddler bed used the same mattress as the crib, which we bought several years ago.  It was an organic mattress around $500-$600.  Now as I'm pricing the full size bed and mattress's about $1500!  My dh won't pay that much and so now I'm trying to find a cheaper, just as safe bed and I'm needing advice.  Anyone have suggestions...for the next best mattress besides organic?  Or know of a reasonably priced company that sells organic?  Thanks!

pickle18's Avatar pickle18 12:21 PM 10-07-2012



watching this one - we are in the same boat!  


We want to add a twin alongside our queen, to eventually be DS' bed in his room, but same thing - I'm having a bit of sticker shock...

wafflefish's Avatar wafflefish 10:02 AM 10-09-2012

My family is very frugal. We don't buy much new. When my dd is ready to move out of our bed the best hope I have for getting her non-toxic mattress is to make one. I will probably make a futon type mattress. Maybe not organic but at least without flame retardants.