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echowarrior's Avatar echowarrior 08:42 AM 10-10-2012
Ds just turned 2. He weighs about 30 lbs. I want to keep him RF for as long as he will stand so I need something that is RF but can then FF and I want to be able to keep him in it for a good while...I want him to be comfy too! Right now he is in a Britax Marathon but it expires in 2 months...thank you!!!

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skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 09:26 AM 10-10-2012
I really like my first years true fit. The only thing is that it only RF to 35 lbs. It's a lot cheaper than britax though and very easy to use. It is rated FF to 65 lbs and can go FF after 22lbs. If you're looking to do extended RF, this isn't the seat for you but if money is an issue, it's a very good value - especially if you catch it on sale.
chel's Avatar chel 10:17 AM 10-10-2012
I also like my truefit, but would suggest you look around for a higher rf weight seat. The tf best feature is having a removable headrest for the infant position for people with limited room. That being said, my dd was 30lb at 24m and is only 32lb at almost 3 and will probably rf til 3.5yrs.

I think a radian might be a good option.
brigala's Avatar brigala 10:45 AM 10-10-2012

I heard somewhere that the Graco MySize 70 is on sale for about $155 at Babies R Us today. That's a good long-lasting seat for both RF and FF.

Maedze's Avatar Maedze 02:58 PM 10-10-2012

I would not suggest a True Fit as it has only a 35 lb limit.  I would look at the Maxi Cosi Pria70, the Diono Radians and the My SIze 70 (aka the Size 4 Me) .