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Katie T's Avatar Katie T 01:57 PM 10-29-2012

We are in the market for a pick up. We are currently driving a mini van but I want to get a new car so that is what we will drive 99% of the time. So I am looking for a truck to haul our boat and that we will drive on vacations ect. And so it is not going to be new new. In looking at the dealer today there are lots that have no head rest in the second row! What are we suppose to do with our 12 yo who is tall and 120lbs? Or me if I ride back there. Are they just totally out or is there a way to make it safe?

brigala's Avatar brigala 12:13 AM 10-30-2012

I would not buy a truck without head rests in the back if I were going to use the back seat regularly, unless I had no other choice. 


There is a risk of a passenger banging his or her head against the back window glass, plus simply the fact that there's no support to reduce the risk of whiplash. There is no way that I know of to take that risk away, and it's not something I'd want for myself or for my children.


My advice would be to cross those trucks off your list and narrow your search to only trucks with full head rests and 3-point seat belts in the back.