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I've got a 2.5 year old who has been in a Combi Cocorro since he was born. With a new baby coming soon, I need to get him a new seat so that the baby can use his.



-He's 30-35 # now, not sure of his height but he's always been on the tall side. 

-He's forward facing now. 

-We've got a very small car, although I'm not sure our car's size is an issue now that he's forward facing?  It's not as if we have to do 3-across (it will just be the two carseats and unfortunately the combi for the newborn will not work in the middle... it would push both front seats too far forward), so are there any carseats that would be too wide?  And the depth isn't really an issue now, right?  Now that he's forward-facing?


So, what are people's recommendations?  First priority is safety.  Second is ease of use and comfort.  Price is not a huge concern (willing to pay for the right seat) but obviously I'd rather spend as little as possible.  And I definitely don't want to have to buy another one for him in a year or something, so it would need to work for him for a few years.


Just saw a Consumer Reports rating of seats that gave highest ratings to the:

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1

and the Graco Argos 70


Is Consumer Reports a scam?  Not sure what to think of their ratings.


I've heard great things about the Radian RXT, but man is that thing expensive (and would I be paying for the fact that it goes from newborn to booster, yet not getting the benefit of that extended life since he's already 2.5 years old?)


would love some input.

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shoot, no advice on this?


Surely others have been in this situation, where you have a baby seat that is outgrown around 2/3 years old and need a new one at that point?  If so, what did you pick and why?


I may have made my initial question too wordy.


would LOVE some input here.  Or does it just not matter?  Do I just go to Target and pick the cheapest one that works for his size?

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I'm not at that point yet because my daughter has quite awhile left rfing in her seat (radian rxt). I would just say don't buy a convertible seat like the radian if you aren't going to be using it rfing because it's a waste of money. If you did buy a radian you could turn him back rfing and get more use out if it though. I've seen the nautilus and Argos both be recommended quite a bit. Good luck I hope you find something that works!
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The radian does not last long as a booster, so don't count on it for that.  It has a 50lb minimum weight for boostering, and most kids are too tall to use it as a booster by the time they meet the minimum weight.  Unless you need a narrow seat, I wouldn't bother with it.


The nautilus and argos are great seats.

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I have these 4 carseats and the Britax & Recaro are my favorite for being easy to clean, buckle the kids up in and just all over well made.


Graco Nautilus ( only a forward facing carseat )


Graco My Ride 65 LX ( Convertible Car seat)---Its nice but a pain to get the cover on and off for cleaning


Britax Advocate G4 ( I actually have the old version of this I got about 4 years ago...the newer ones have changed a bit but still same concept) They are spendy (if you can find a sale or coupon you could get them cheaper on other websites) but removing the seat cover and just its over all build is amazing!



Recaro Prosport Combination Seat ( Only a forward facing seat )---light weight and will work till my daughter is very old!


Recaro Proride Convertible Carseat-----My sister has this for her now 2 year old and LOVES it!!



Hope that helps!

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I have a Graco Nautilus for DS and have been really happy with it. I think I got it when he was 4ish. He's 8 now and we just switched from harness to high-back booster a few months ago. I've definitely gotten my money's worth from this one!
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