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lovingmommyhood's Avatar lovingmommyhood 05:48 PM 08-06-2007
We're looking for a new infant car seat and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with the Baby Trend Rigid-LATCH Galaxy Car Seat? I personally have not heard of this before but I just saw it yesterday in Target. I like the fact that it has rigid latch for ease of use but I'm not sure if that's the safest route or not. Any positives or negatives?

Brilliantmama's Avatar Brilliantmama 06:03 PM 08-06-2007
We just got it! It was soooooo easy to install, literally snap, snap and it is rock solid. We chose it over the flex loc because I think that anything that takes any human error out of installation is awesome.

I read a review (, I think) and something that said the rigid anchors help it in side crashes as well.

And I really like the twist knob adjuster for the strap height, so that it will always fit perfectly.

I am VERY pleased with our purchase.

I can email pics if you like too.