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askew's Avatar askew 06:39 PM 01-23-2008
RF in the back passenger side. We can't get a good install in the middle and only have the latch connectors on either side. I have at least a dozen airbags including side impact curtains so I feel he is safe there.

emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 06:50 PM 01-23-2008
Captains chair behind the passenger in our van ff (5 yo dd is in a booster behind the driver).
CortLong's Avatar CortLong 11:06 PM 01-23-2008
Since I have (almost!) 4 kids this is the setup in our honda odyssey minivan

DD #1 (6yrs) in the very back row on the driver's side. (in britax pkwy booster)

DD#2 (3yrs)is FF in the very back row on the passenger's side (in britax marathon)

DS (17 months) is RF in the captain chair behind the driver's seat (in britax marathon)

Baby (not yet born- but anyday) will be in the captain chair behind the passenger's seat (in chicco keyfit 30)
cognito's Avatar cognito 11:26 PM 01-23-2008
Milo rides in several vehicles.

1) 02 Chevy Blazer with only 2 backseats & our primary vehicle. He is RFing behind the driver's seat. Seatbelt install.

2) 99 GMC Jimmy which doesn't allow carseats in the center. He is RFing behind the driver's seat. Seatbelt install.

3) 06 Chevy Aveo. He rides RFing in the center position. Seatbelt install.

4) 91 Ford Bronco XLT. He rides behind the driver's seat because the seat installs best there. Seatbelt install.

Jareth will be here in May so we may have to make some adjustments.
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 12:39 AM 01-24-2008
2 vehicles here for our 2.5 year old (FF now):

In our SUV: Passenger seat - no tethers allowed in centre for FF. She was RF in the centre however. Although I wouldn't make it a reason to go on the side, it's certainly much easier to get her in the seat when it's high up.

In our smallish-size sedan - Centre still - and yes, it's more difficult to get her in and out, but lately she can climb in/out by herself.
cutekid's Avatar cutekid 11:15 AM 01-24-2008
My DS is forward facing in the middle. He sits there because we have to shoulder belts for my older step kids, and the center is lap belt only. Additionally, he was opening the passenger doors while going down the road. We don't have child locks on the back doors.
treqi's Avatar treqi 02:05 PM 01-24-2008
In the front passenger seat (there is no airbag) RF.....
LizaBear's Avatar LizaBear 05:47 PM 01-24-2008
We've got 3 kids in carseats in our car.

DS - 5 yrs - FF behind driver.
DD - 3 yrs - FF middle seat.
DS - 1 yrs - RF behind passenger.
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 05:57 PM 01-24-2008
our DD is forward facing (too heavy at 31 lbs in Canada to rear face any longer) in her Marathon behind the drivers seat.

We get a WAY WAY WAY better install outboard than in the centre. She used to be on the passenger side but we street park and getting her into the passenger side was meant that we had to scale 3 foot snowbanks for awhile and my pants were getting too wet. Plus it's really hard to carry a toddler over a big snowbank, get the door open and get the kid in when you're in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I hate having to stand in traffic and buckle her in but has it ever made getting her in and out easier! At least we park mostly on a quiet residential street!

(and don't forget, most cars do NOT allow LATCH installations in the middle)
mamapixie's Avatar mamapixie 07:52 PM 01-24-2008
5 yo is in the middle of the backseat, but that's because it's the only place his Radian installs correctly in my car.
angelcat's Avatar angelcat 01:11 AM 01-25-2008
One carseat, (an evenflo) is ff in the middle of the backseat in my parents van.

Her other seat, is also ff. Where it goes depends on the vehicle, and if there are other carseats already there etc. It's been in 6 different cars this week.

Sometimes she also rides in other car seats too.
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