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Jane's Avatar Jane 06:01 PM 01-30-2008
Around here, our hospitals have a bucket seat program - you can get one for $10. They are all certified to the same standard.

I've put newborns in cheap carseats and top-of-the-line ones. The expensive ones certainly have more features - easy to adjust and prettier, with up to date, girly or boyish fabrics. But there are some nice, cheap bucket seats with a 5 point harness.
I would seriously consider putting money away to get a nice convertible - don't buy it until you almost need to so the expiration date is as long as possible and getting a cheaper bucket seat.

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 10:23 PM 01-30-2008
Originally Posted by robinCBN View Post
HSometimes even today when our child won't nap (she is 20 months and 27lbs) I am tempted to see if she will still fit in it for some rocking...

best for your arrival!
Our bucket became a rocking recliner at one point. My dd and her friend would sit in them and watch movies. They were probably a little over 2 at the time
Theia's Avatar Theia 01:26 AM 01-31-2008
Concerning buying a used seat, I read somewhere that if there is an auto accident, the carseat involved is taken by law enforcement. Is this not true in every state? That was what was giving me comfort about trying to buy used.

I'm new in the town/state I live in and haven't had a chance to make many friends yet, so getting one that way isn't much of an option. I am also birthing at home, so I doubt that the hospital would hand one out to me, if they have such a program. <sigh>

But I like all the stories and other uses that have been found for buckets. Thanks.
alegna's Avatar alegna 01:28 AM 01-31-2008
Originally Posted by peace_laughing View Post
Concerning buying a used seat, I read somewhere that if there is an auto accident, the carseat involved is taken by law enforcement. Is this not true in every state? That was what was giving me comfort about trying to buy used.
Absolutely not true at all here. Never heard that.

Theia's Avatar Theia 01:36 AM 01-31-2008
Just looking around the different sites, if I can get a good deal on the britax companion, I'd buy it I think. So, is $150 with free shipping about as low as anyone has seen it? This is at albee baby. I know it's not $60 like some of the other buckets, but I like that britax seems to be more on top of things like voluntary recalls and such. And I also like the stabilizing bar.
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 03:56 AM 01-31-2008
I my roundabout. We drove our 9pound, 12 ounce, 23" DS home from the birth center in it and he still rides in it in DH's truck, at 4.5 yo, 34 pounds and 41". Since he is AT the height limit and it's very close to its expiration date (DS1 rode in it for a few months before DS2 was born), it's in DH's truck until we buy him something else. We definitely got our $200.00 out of it, though. That said, I know a baby who was a couple of inches or pounds smaller would NOT have fit in it.

For the September baby, we will opt for a Roundabout or a Marathon and borrow a bucket just in case I have the little 7 pound girl I've always dreamed of.

IME, though they have redone the triumphs lately to accommodate larger children, the Triumph seats are wide, and have wide set harness straps. Everyone I know with one, the straps are always falling off of baby's shoulders, which of course doesn't bother my friends, but drives me INSANE. I would certainly opt for a roundabout or marathon over a Triumph.
moonlitemama's Avatar moonlitemama 05:14 AM 01-31-2008
It sounds like you've already decided to go with the bucket. I'm surprised - I don't think I saw a single person say to skip it. So, I will chime in. I borrowed buckets for my first two...they outgrew them around 4 months. With number 3 I decided to skip the bucket and use a convertible that my eldest had just outgrown (a Britax Wizard; predecessor to the Boulevard). He was 9lbs and 22 inches and fit in the seat well. He was even a winter baby. I wore him all the time and really didn't miss the bucket. (Especially with two older children, it was great to have my hands free, rather than carrying a bucket.) You really get the hang of scooping them in and out of the seat and into/out of the sling or whatever. Often they'll sleep through it or settle quickly. If you're already planning to wear your baby, I don't think you'll "miss" having a bucket (of course, you can't miss what you haven't had).

If you do go for a bucket, for $150 price range, I'd probably look at the Graco SafeSeat ($130) rather than the Britax Companion. You'll get more use out of the SafeSeat (30lbs rather than 22lbs). (However, I just saw the Companion in Unity Blue on the BRU site for $95.)

Good luck with your choice!
aja-belly's Avatar aja-belly 06:32 AM 01-31-2008
we had buckets for both of mine but they hardly got any use. one was bought from a friend and the other was purchased while we were out of state waiting for dd to be born. my kids both fit fine in an evenflo triumph at 2 weeks. we didn't try before that for ds because that was the first time we left the house and with dd we didn't get home until she was 2 weeks old. the only big bonus for the bucket imo is that we could bring it in with us easily rather than leaving it in a hot car. my kids NEVER slept in the seat after the car stopped, and dd would have been pissed off royally if we picked up her seat when we got somewhere instead of picking her up immediately. doing it again i don't think we would bother with a bucket, but you never know, we might have a baby someday that sleeps so soundly in the carseat that stopping the car and taking the seat out doesn't wake them.
Julia'sMom's Avatar Julia'sMom 01:53 PM 01-31-2008
I didn't read all the responses, but I would definately get the bucket. We had both a convertible and a bucket, one for each car. My dd will NEVER stay asleep to be transferred from the convertible seat, but is fine in the bucket. Also, since she's so petite she's still in the bucket at 18 months. : I'm just now shopping around for a replacement seat.
wendy1221's Avatar wendy1221 03:01 PM 01-31-2008
I really liked my Britax Companion, but if the Safeseat had been out when I got it, I would have gotten the Safeseat instead. The baby will fit in it a lot longer, so it's more cost effective. It has EPS foam and a 5pt harness. The baby will fit into it for closer to a year, so you will be able to get a seat at that point that is a convertible that goes to 65lbs, and your child will be more likely to get full use out of it before it expires.
alegna's Avatar alegna 03:06 PM 01-31-2008
We used a companion for dd and the safeseat would have been a waste. Before 4 months dd HATED they laying down position in an infant seat. So we switched her to a convertible.

timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 03:26 PM 01-31-2008
I haven't read through the whole thread, but to answer the OP - I really liked the bucket for a winter baby. My kids were born in cold weather (Michigan - one in Nov and the other, Feb) and it was NICE to have a warm car seat to get them into inside the house, then just click it into the base in the car. I had big babies too (9 lb 8 oz and 8 lb 12 oz) and used the bucket for quite a few months. But once they outgrew that, we went to the roundabout.
STJinNoVa's Avatar STJinNoVa 08:31 PM 02-08-2008
Seems everything I would have said has been said, but since for many of us money is a big issue, I thought I'd point out that Babies R Us almost always has a coupon fot 20% off any one item. It's sometimes hard to find on the website, but you can always find the link on slickdeals. We bought our seat and extra base for the second car with coupons, which helped in the flurry of baby-needs-this shopping.
Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 11:50 PM 02-08-2008
I say get the bucket too. We had one that we got from a friend, and I almost never took it anywhere, but it was great for restaurants before DS could sit in a high chair.
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