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Treasuremapper's Avatar Treasuremapper 12:33 AM 06-03-2008
I just moved my dd from a Regent to a Monarch today (Monarch is a Britax Booster seat). I really did not want to do it, but her shoulders are just a teeny bit below the top slot on her Regent and I needed an extra seat to make summer camp transportation work. I could not justify buying another Regent when it's a matter of a few months before it will not fit her.

FWIW, my dd is just shy of her seventh birthday and is very tall for her age and weighs 56 pounds.

My younger daughter is almost five, and she still fits in her Regent at the top strap, but the side impact protection on the Frontier looks way better than the Regent. Plus, the seat of the Frontier looks significantly wider than the seat of the Monarch, and younger sister is significantly wider than her older sister. But my daughters grow so fast that I am concerned about that .6 inch difference in the Frontier.

I'm seriously considering selling my Regents so I can use the money towards a Frontier and another booster.

an_aurora's Avatar an_aurora 12:34 AM 06-03-2008
Originally Posted by Periwinkle View Post
Sort of, but not as dramatically as I think some of these threads imply. Most healthy children aren't walking around with 3 ft. torsos and 16" legs. I mean, it's like saying he has giant hands or whatever.... the differences that make parents think their children's _____ are bigger/longer than average are relatively minute to actually be perceptible as such to the human eye. And if you have a child (not an infant, mind you, but a child) who is growing ONLY in torso and not in legs, I would go to a pediatrician ASAP.

I know most people get this, but I see this kind of thing on these threads all the time... like your child could easily outgrow the strap height limit at 38" standing height when the height limit for the seat is 52".
It happens, and really not that rarely. I know my kid's torso is longer than average because she has outgrown an astounding number of seats. She is not quite 3 and is on the top slots in her Radian. She outgrew the Britax convertibles at 37-38 inches tall. She's definitely not the only one and there is definitely nothing wrong with her.
alysmommy2004's Avatar alysmommy2004 01:24 AM 06-03-2008
My 4.25yo DD is 36lbs, 41" tall and has a 15" torso and is (usually) riding in a Regent. The only thing is that when installed we lose some torso height and she's riding on the second to top slots. Our goal is to keep her in Regent until age 6 and then she can move into a booster.
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 01:30 AM 06-03-2008
My son is 5.5, 45" and 45 lbs. in a Britax Regent. I plan to keep him harnessed until he outgrows the Regent, which will last longer than any seat on the market-- I expect until 7. He does use high backed boosters for occasional use, though, with his grandma (who lives out of state, so not often) or friends. I absolutely would not put a child under 5 years and 40 lbs. in a booster ever and I think 6/50 lbs. is better.
The Radian is a great seat, we have one for my 2.5 yr. old and he will use it until he outgrows it and then switch to a high-back booster (probably around 6).
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