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Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 09:37 PM 08-29-2008
At what age or weight/height can teens or preteens ride in the front seat of a car? Does it matter if the car has a passenger side air bag?

We are having to get a new (to us) car, and I'm just trying to consider everything. One car was in many other ways very nice, but the back seat had very little leg room. But then, usually there would only be two of us in that car (me and DD), and DD is going to be a teen soon, so maybe the tiny back seat wouldn't be a problem?


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thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 09:41 PM 08-29-2008
Well, statistically the backseat is safest for anyone. I think the min reccomendation now is like age 13-15 to ride in the front seat and of cource be able to pass the 5 step test to not have to use a booster.
SAHDS's Avatar SAHDS 01:05 AM 08-30-2008
I posted in the other thread:

As of June 1, 2007, it is now a law in WA state (where I live) that nobody under the age of 13 can ride in the front seat of a vehicle.

I suppose it varies from state to state.
Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 03:23 PM 08-30-2008
Thank you all.

DD will be turning 13 soon, she's just under 100 lbs and she's almost as tall as me. So, I think that soon a two door car with hardly any back seat will do for us (if that's the one we buy).