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sg784's Avatar sg784 07:29 PM 08-06-2007
I told my SIL first. She knew we were going to try for one month only and see what happened. I told my mom cause she asked(how do moms just know?) Siblings are finding out cause Im so crabby and they are suspecting. MIL2B and FIL2B we decided to tell but ask that it be kept quiet. I gave thema lil card, hallmark hippo thing, it said nothing on the front but inside it said "tiny toes, tons of love" I wrote under it ....Coming April 08! and then in fine print asked that it be kept quiet and NOT TO TELL DD
(she asked me every am for 2 months is it christmas yet?) I dont want to go through that for the next 9!

3for3hb's Avatar 3for3hb 07:52 PM 08-06-2007
I've told everyone from the ddc I was in with my 2nd ds. And one patient of mine that I'm especially close to, oh and someone I know who wouldn't stop pestering me about getting together. I was like, look, I just found out that my extreme exhaustion and lightheadedness (that has recently turned into nausea and vomitting) is because I'm pregnant. I can hardly get myself out the door much less with my 3 1/2 year old and 21 month old.
We've told my parents but not dh's family (they will probably talk behind our backs about being unresponsible etc) so we'll wait until we're face to face to let them know.
Oh and I told my brother's wife over email because I couldn't get through on the phone. They're excited for us.

This time around I'm kind of the mindset of "they'll find out when they find out" mostly because I just don't want to have to answer all the very personal questions people tend to ask pregnant women. At least not until I'm actually showing.
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