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MissAnnThrope's Avatar MissAnnThrope 12:56 PM 08-04-2007
Dh and I went out tonight to celebrate by shopping (for me), a nice dinner and maybe even a movie using the credit card? Or should I just keep sitting here wanting to get out and do this stuff and save the money? We don't have the cash right now to spend so it would have to be the credit card.

It is also tax free weekend on school stuff and clothes. I also got a bag from old navy that if I stuff it and use the gap card I can save 20% on the stuff in the bag. So.. tax free and save 20%.. sounds too good don't it

rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 01:24 PM 08-04-2007
Oh my goodness, YES! You totally dseserve it, and I'm wondering now why I haven't gotten a fabulous dinner! Save later, this is an exciting time, enjoy it! Have a great time!
MissAnnThrope's Avatar MissAnnThrope 01:41 PM 08-04-2007
Well it looks like I'll get to eat but that instead of shopping for me we will be going to Greensboro to get a drum mod for dh's drums because there is a *HUGE* OMG sale going on right now *twirls hair with finger* & *smacks gum*
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 02:32 PM 08-04-2007

Didn't realize y'all were in NC. I'm in GA now (for the last yr.) but spent the 5 yrs. before that in NC. (Hendersonville.)
countrybound's Avatar countrybound 04:55 PM 08-04-2007
I say go for it!! We are, tonight! Hired a babysitter and everything!!!!! Have fun!
MissAnnThrope's Avatar MissAnnThrope 01:56 AM 08-05-2007
Well we spent the whole day in Greensboro. We went to Guitar Center (didn't buy anything) and then hung out at BIL's. We went to eat at a Latino place. It was really good but I started to feel sick after and all burpy I'm not sure if it was the chicken thing or the fried plantains but they sure were yummy!

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to do some me shopping