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Lilysmomma's Avatar Lilysmomma 08:05 PM 08-14-2007
Hi, my name is Erika, I'm Due 4-21-08. We just found out on Sunday, tho I've known since conception. (No really, I did!) I have two daughters, Lily is just turned 3 and Scarlett is 15months. We were TTC, but now I'm wondering : what on earth was I thinking as both my kiddos are screaming at my feet right now : Well, anyways, nice to be here

Organicavocado's Avatar Organicavocado 08:39 PM 08-14-2007
Nice to have you here!
All together ooky's Avatar All together ooky 10:09 PM 08-14-2007

Glad to have you here.
My3babes's Avatar My3babes 10:31 PM 08-14-2007
sadiejane08's Avatar sadiejane08 05:11 AM 08-15-2007
Welcome, Erika!
GISDiva's Avatar GISDiva 03:46 PM 08-15-2007
Nice to meet you, and welcome!!
newmom80's Avatar newmom80 04:06 PM 08-15-2007