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iluvmy3girls's Avatar iluvmy3girls 12:26 PM 08-22-2007
This is my 5th pg, I m/c'd 5 yrs ago at 8 weeks (baby stopped growing around 6 weeks). I'm so blessed to be pregnant again, but very scared. My progestereone was low initally but the hcg levels have continued to rise. I had a tiny bit of spotting at 14dpo, but has resolved.

My levels are as folows:

11 dpo HCG 29, Prog 8 (started progesterone 400 mg/day at 12 dpo)
14 dpo HCG 224, Prog 13 (increased dosage to 600 mg/day)
18 dpo HCG 705, Prog 18.1

I'm getting my levels redrawn tomorrow, he may start me on Prog vaginal supp if less than 20.

Hope we can keep our little bean.

My3babes's Avatar My3babes 02:29 PM 08-22-2007
Numbers look good!! I have heard of ppl/pgs surviving on lower prog than 18, so I think you are doing great!
iluvmy3girls's Avatar iluvmy3girls 04:47 PM 08-22-2007
Thank you, I'm so hopeful!!!
iluvmy3girls's Avatar iluvmy3girls 10:40 AM 08-24-2007
ok, I got numbers, I would have posted last night, but it was very late, and I was exhausted

My hcg is now 1547 (at 5 weeks) And my prog is 33.3!!! I have my 1st OB appt Mon and probably an u/s end of next week. I can't believe it!!!!
JunipersMom's Avatar JunipersMom 10:53 AM 08-24-2007
Wooo Whooo!! Congrats momma!
MSmomma3's Avatar MSmomma3 11:46 AM 08-24-2007
You go girl..I was thinking of you!
jeomom3's Avatar jeomom3 12:12 PM 08-24-2007
, iluvmy3girls! Numbers look great! Hope the OB appt goes well.

I'm in a similar boat. This is my 5th pregnancy, too. The last one ended at 15 weeks, but either there never was a baby or it died so early it was reabsorbed. I have no idea what any of my hormone levels are. I called my OB to make an appointment and they said I had to get the pregnancy confirmed by a blood test first. I had the blood drawn at the lab three days ago and the results are still not back yet. : Now the OB office is closed until Monday. I want to get in as soon as possible to get everything check out, but nobody seems to think this is as urgent as I do!
iluvmy3girls's Avatar iluvmy3girls 11:47 PM 08-28-2007

Did you get your labs back? I'm praying for excellent high numbers!!!

My OB appt went well except for the VBAC induction discussion I'm not fond of...since I have a +ANA and tested + for Lupus AnitCoagulant while ttc 5 yrs ago, I have to take Lovenox during my pg. So he says we have to PLAN a VBAC induction with pitocin, or repeat c/s. Needless to say, I'm getting a 2nd opinion.

B/c of irregular cycles, they want to do an u/s Thurs, I'll be 6weeks according to when I o'd.
jeomom3's Avatar jeomom3 09:59 AM 08-29-2007

Did you get your labs back? I'm praying for excellent high numbers!!!

I haven't even been to the OB or MW yet. They won't see me until 8 weeks. I'm only 5 1/2. :
iluvmy3girls's Avatar iluvmy3girls 10:53 AM 09-01-2007
They can't call you with your numbers, that's crazy!!!!

I had an awful u/s experience, it was way too early the freakin u/s techs had no clue. I left there thinking I was probably m/c'ing again. Then my OB's office agreed to repeat my hcg and it went from 1500 to 12000 in a week!!! I could breathe a sigh of relief. They won't do another u/s until 9/10. I should be a little of over 7 weeks then. I was so spoiled by my RE's office w/ my last dd, they were so awesome to me in the beginning.